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Late Night Snack: Ron Paul Goes After Newt Gingrich’s Serial Hypocrisy

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What do you need right before you go to bed? A spooky Ron Paul campaign video taking down Newt Gingrich? Of course! Cue the end of the world music….close your eyes and find the place where you can agree with Ron Paul.

Courtesy of Ron Paul 2012:

Of course, Paul leaves out that Newt saved America from communism all by his little self and only he can do it again! Remember, Newt wrote “To Save America: Stopping Obama’s Secular-Socialist Machine” with Joe DeSantis, wherein he warned us all about Obama’s Alinsky tactics as a community organizer.

Gingrichforpres explains:


Vote Newt Gingrich for President in 2012. Save America from communist
lib tax and spend agenda – kick Obama out in 2012. Obama is the worst
“president” ever!!

So, he might be a hypocrite, but he is a national hero to those who see the world through Foxian eyes. I give you…..

The Red Nightmare! Tell me if anything in this video sounds familiar.

They’re coming for our freedoms! Sleep well, comrades.

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What happens In the Bedroom Should Stay in the Bedroom Mr.Cain!

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned does it Herman?

It is probably safe to assume that Herman is learning this up close and personal tonight. Ginger White the woman who has come forward to admit to a 13 year affair with Herman Cain, a GOP 2012 Presidential candidate. The affair ended eight months ago but their friendship had continued until tonight at approximately 4pm when the news broke that Ginger was going to go public with their ‘friendship’.

Yes Herman Cain a GOP 2012 Presidential Candidate.

This is same guy who has never held public office. Whose main claim to fame is past president of the National Restaurant Association where two claims of sexual harassment were settled and four more woman have come forward with similar claims. Herman made a big mistake by claiming those women were liars and blaming the women for making his life miserable. I don’t believe Ginger would have spoken up if Herman had been a gentleman and admitted that he made a mistake and apologized to the woman. But I guess that is too much to expect from the man who refers to himself in third person and has been traveling around this country making a completely mockery of the presidential nomination process.

Wonder what the Koch Brothers think of their little brother from another mother now? (The most asinine statement made to date in this 2010 GOP presidential race)

Rachel Maddow has been reporting that she thinks Herman Cain is an art project. I am not feeling as generous as Rachel tonight and I am not alone in my opinion that Herman Cain was the GOP’s 2012 Sarah Palin. Herman saw Sarah rocket from the bridge to nowhere to an overnight media success while becoming a multimillionaire basically overnight. She now owns two million dollar houses and travels around the country endlessly repeating the same speech over and over again for $100,000.00\per speech.  She landed a $1 million dollar contract at Fox and only has to appear on the air for approximately twenty to thirty minutes per month, if that often, and she doesn’t have to answer any questions of depth or even speak in clear and concise language. Who wouldn’t want that gig especially someone who is basically bored, ethically challenged, willfully ignorant and isn’t qualified to do anything else of substance, not even a dog catcher.

However Herman also made a huge mistake and hopefully the DNC is smart enough or savvy enough to pick up on his huge mistake. Herman’s attorney released a statement that said this:

Rather, this appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults – a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public. No individual, whether a private citizen, a candidate for public office or a public official, should be questioned about his or her private sexual life. The public’s right to know and the media’s right to report has boundaries and most certainly those boundaries end outside of one’s bedroom door.

 Did you see it? Here it is in bold:

No individual, whether a private citizen, a candidate for public office or a public official, should be questioned about his or her private sexual life. The public’s right to know and the media’s right to report has boundaries and most certainly those boundaries end outside of one’s bedroom door.

Cain’s attorney Len Wood is exactly right no one should be questioned about his or her private sexual life as long as it is between two consenting adults. No one means No One whether he/she is straight, gay, bisexual or transgender. It is no one’s business at all whether a person is in the Military, a member of Congress or your next door neighbor. In October Herman Cain flipped flopped on his previous stance that he believed gay marriage was a state issue in just a week he then claimed he would support a federal ban on gay marriage. Why Herman would you support a federal ban on gay marriage when you don’t even respect your wife enough to honor your own marriage vows?

What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom Mr.Cain? Does that rule only apply to you and your base or does it apply to all Americans? You remember us, the people you are trying to fool into thinking you are more qualified that our current President?

If you want us to respect your wishes then it is about time you and your base begin to respect the wishes of the remaining 99% of us who live in this country and who just want to be left alone to live our lives as we see fit with a consenting adult partner of our choice not yours.

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Obama Calls Out GOP Grinches Who Want To Raise Taxes On Millions Of Americans

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In Scranton, PA today, President Obama blasted Republican Grinches who want to raise taxes on working Americans while throwing millions more off unemployment insurance.

Here’s the video:

The president said, “They may have voted no on these tax cuts once, but I’ll tell you what Scranton, they may have voted no on these tax cuts once, but I’m already filled with the Christmas spirit. There’s kind of some chill in the air, saw some Christmas decorations at the Festus, so I’m in the Christmas spirit, I want to give them another chance to redeem themselves. We’re going to give them another chance so as early as Friday, this Friday, in a couple days. We’re going to give them a chance to take a simple vote on these tax cuts. If they vote no, then the typical family’s taxes will go up by a thousand dollars next year. If they vote yes then the typical family will have an extra fifteen hundred dollars in their pocket. So let’s just be clear. If they vote no, your taxes go up. Vote yes, you get a tax cut. Which way do you think Congress should vote?”

Obama later continued with the holiday theme, “To everybody who is here, to everybody who is watching, send your senators a message tell them don’t be a Grinch. Don’t vote to raise taxes on working Americans during the holidays. Make sure to renew unemployment insurance during the holidays. Stop saying no to steps that would make our economy stronger. Put our country before party. Put money back into the pockets of working Americans. Do your job. Pass this bill.”

What a difference a year makes. Last year it was the Republican Party that used Christmas as a weapon against the president as they held unemployment benefits hostage in exchange for an extension of the Bush tax cuts. This year, it is the president who using the holiday season to put pressure on vulnerable congressional incumbents in order to get unemployment insurance extended. Many congressional Republicans might be more than happy to throw two million Americans into dire poverty this holiday season, but it would not be a wise move for a party that wishes to win the White House next year to raise taxes and impoverish millions over the holidays.

Obama also delivered his message in the simplest way possible. If Republicans vote no taxes for millions of Americans will go up. If they vote yes, millions of working Americans will have an extra $1,500 next year. It really doesn’t get an easier than that. The ideological far left was outraged last year that Obama would extend the Bush tax cuts, but what they didn’t see is the damage that would have been done to both this president and the Democratic Party if Obama would have taken a stand that would have gravely damaged millions of Americans over the holidays.

This year the GOP has no Christmas hostage to threaten, so the pressure is on them. They can raise taxes on working class Americans and ruin the holidays for millions, or they can show the nation how much they really value their ideology and put electoral politics first. Either way, Obama is likely to keep up the political pressure through the holiday season.

No one is asking Mitch McConnell and John Boehner’s hearts to grow ten sizes overnight, but America will not forgive them or their party if they raise taxes and let the unemployed plunge deeper into poverty this holiday season.

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Keith Olbermann Calls Ann Coulter an ‘A$$hole’

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This Olbermann clip demonstrates why Keith is going to rock Current TV and also why MSNBC shouldn’t have let Keith go. But I suppose they already know that given their poor ratings since his departure.

Last night, in his Worst Persons segment, Keith took polemicist Ann Coulter down for being bleeped 3 separate times for a total of 13 seconds for calling Ted Kennedy “human pestilence” and John McCain a “douchebag” on morning TV. Sure, it’s rude, and sure you expected as much from Coulter, but my beef with her is her pinched, limited vocabulary.

The poor thing seems to be leaning toward Palinese in her attempts to play with the boys, though I must confess that she doesn’t get paid nearly as much for dipping into the dredge. In 2010 Coulter made a paltry $500,000 for her “speaking engagements” – no pun intended- – no wonder she’s so jealous of The Sarah Palin that she keeps lowering herself trying to compete. Coulter, after all, did start the modern conservative woman as masculine aggressor against liberals thingy that Palin stole and perfected. I suspect Palin’s external prettiness is a big part of her ability to sell violent, antagonistic hate for more money than Coulter does.

Poor Ann, the Republicans are just too superficial to appreciate her true talent.

CURRENT TV Keith Olbermann: Find out why Jennifer Lopez and Fiat are WORSE; Ann Coulter is WORSER; and USA Ammo is the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD for Nov. 29, 2011. Watch here:

Transcript from Current TV:

KEITH OLBERMANN: First, because this is where I try to protect sanity, here are “Countdown’s” top-three nominees for today’s “Worst Persons in the World.”

The runner-up tonight? Ann Coulter — “Coultergeist” — bleeped three separate times for 13 total seconds — which is a hell of a lot of bleeps — on television this morning, because before she called the late, great Senator Ted Kennedy “human pestilence,” she apparently called — twice — Senator John McCain a “douchebag.”

So, while we’re at this — I know my friend Bill Maher respects Coultergeist because she’ll say things when people boo. And I have other friends who actually think she’s funny, sometimes even intentionally. But let’s face it — Ann Coulter’s an a$$hole.

By the way, did I see something amiss with that photo? Let me see that photo of her again. Oh, see? That’s not fair. Ann Coulter as Madam from Waylon Flowers and Madam? That’s totally inappropriate. Coulter isn’t gray-haired. She dyes it blonde. I’m very sorry.

While I understand that the Republican Party prefers its women pundits to sound like men and to demonstrate masculine traits such as belligerence over feminine traits like empathy, I’m still puzzled how the same women also sell a 1950’s version of womanhood as the ideal. They do realize that they would not be allowed to speak in this manner if their wishes came true, right?

Anyway, my mama always said that talking dirty didn’t make you strong and that I should know when to use gutter vocabulary and when not to. Maybe Ann’s mother approves of her Cornell University graduate daughter calling a sitting US Senator a “douchebag” on a national TV morning talk show. Ann does wear a cross, so that infers that God approves of her message, so maybe her Mama can forgive her.

Heck, someone had to say it for the conservatives. They needed their red meat. Naturally it would fall to most desperate person with the least class in the Republican Party; a person who makes John McCain appear decidedly undouchelike in comparison, I might add, and you know what a task that was. Well done, Ann.

Perhaps we should all congratulate Ann on finding her place in the world finally. She is the one person besides Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh who willingly and with zeal denigrates herself to the lowest common denominator for a buck. We all recall her wish for “Jews to be perfected, as they say,” which led to much condemnation including the National Jewish Democratic Council asking media outlets to stop inviting her to speak.

Ann Coulter once had promise of a better life. She was a lawyer who graduated from U of M’s prestigious law school. She had all of the potential to actually do something with her life – something her parents could be proud of. But instead she found hanging with the low-life bottom-feeders who had no other choice her comfort zone. See, Rush is someone of limited brain cells with no education to speak of and Sarah Palin, well, you know Sarah. God wasn’t handing out IQs on the day she was born. Poor thing.

But Ann got lucky and yet threw it all away. In her own words, “I’m a Christian first and a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative second, and don’t you ever forget it.” Perhaps she was unable to hack it among the intellectual elite, or perhaps she is simply filled with too much hate to manage a tempered position on anything or maybe she’s just a typical Republican pundit whose real goal isn’t to further conservatism but to make a buck any way she can, even if it involves her saying to a United States Vietnam veteran on the air, “No wonder you guys lost.” USA!

In this way, Keith is absolutely right to call her a Madam. Coulter is the Madam of the Republican Party. Naturally, she’s a masculine one because you know…..the Republican Party. Cough. Let us not forget her 2008 comment implying that she couldn’t speak about John Edwards because she wasn’t allowed to use the word “faggot.” Clearly she got that one wrong.

One could point out that Keith Olbermann calling Ann an a$$hole (dollar sign intentional nod to the pimping out of hate) on Current TV is the same thing as Ann Coulter being bleeped for 13 seconds on MSNBC. But Current TV is on in the evening hours and not a staple in the cable lineup and in fact, he was not bleeped precisely because Current doesn’t have to play by the same rules as MSNBC; whereas Ann was bleeped on morning TV, when young children are watching, in her desperate pilgrimage to the promised land of rotting conservative red meat. Didn’t she ever learn when to use gutter language and when not to? It’s as if these family values people have no sense of propriety.

While this is not the word I would have chosen to call her in public, I can’t think of a better time to use gutter language than when discussing Ann Coulter. According to the Urban Dictionary, douchebag denotes a person who is worse than an as$hole so all things being equal, Ann still wins the prize.

Though I might not call her that word, I might be heard saying that Ann Coulter is the Madam of a$$holes. Bless her little heart.

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Fox News Praises Rick Perry For Getting The Date Of The 2012 Election Wrong

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Fox News hosted Rick Perry today and tried to explain his most recent gaffes by congratulating him for getting the date of the 2012 election wrong.

Here’s the video from Media Matters:

After playing a clip of Perry’s New Hampshire gaffe where he recently got the voting age and the date of the election wrong, Gretchen Carlson said, “Obviously, the voting age is eighteen, and you know the election date, I understand that, the fact that you could even pull out the number twelve, hat’s off to you, but what do you make about the fact you got the voting age wrong?”

Perry gave his standard Obama once said there were 57 states reply, so candidates get things wrong all the time response, but the real mind blower here isn’t that Perry added another gaffe to his gaffe filled campaign, it is that Fox News doesn’t seem to think it is a big deal at all if a candidate for the Republican nomination doesn’t know when Election Day is.

Carlson congratulated Perry for what, exactly? Knowing that there is an election in 2012? Being aware of the fact that he is running for president? Rick Perry may not know what the voting age is, or the date of the election, but congratulations on getting the year right. Not knowing a minor detail like the date of the election that you are hope to be running in is no big deal.

Compare Fox News softballing of Perry to how they treated Mitt Romney last night:

Watch the latest video at

Baier hit Romney for his flip-flops on immigration, abortion, climate change, and gay rights. For the record, Mitt Romney completely cracked, and went as far as to deny the video evidence of his own words on the program. If you contrast the way Perry and Romney were treated, it is clear that Fox News is pulling for anybody but Mitt to win the nomination. Rick Perry gets Hannitized while Mitt Romney gets brutalized.

The possibility that Mitt Romney might be pretending to be a wing nut so that he can run against Obama in the fall is considered much worse than being an actual wing nut who doesn’t know the voting age, or the date of the 2012 election (November 6, 2012). In the upside down land of Republican politics, ignorance is power, and extreme ignorance gets rewarded on Fox News.

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Tell Congress No To Killing Our Social Programs: Sign The New Deal Pledge

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The conservatives in Congress have sold out America by signing a pledge to Grover Norquist. This pledge has systematically devastated this country’s finances. Let’s take a look back at thirty years ago when the conservatives won for the first time in almost a generation.

Conservatives knew back in the 1970s that demolishing programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment and welfare would be political suicide. So they needed to create a problem or even worse a crisis. The crisis they created was debt. When Reagan came into office they slashed taxes and INCREASED spending. They didn’t increase spending domestically. They increased it in the military because it would be politically advantageous to do this during the tail end of the Cold War. If liberals opposed this, well, that would be political suicide.

The problem was that the conservatives didn’t want to pay for anything that they spent money on. This was by design. They told us decreased taxes would increase revenue, and we bought it. Nobody LIKES paying taxes but it is the cost of running programs we enjoy. Sort of like paying your electric, cable or telephone bill. Nobody likes to see the bill in the mail, but we pay for a service.

So the conservatives slashed taxes becoming a “Santa Clause,” like the Democrats have been since the 1930s when they created Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment benefits etc. People like lower taxes, just like we all like a lower electric bill.

Now the bill has come due. The conservatives increased spending. The Democrats went along with this because of where it was appropriated, the military. Now we have a debt problem, and the conservatives will not raise taxes to pay for their past spending binges. It is time for them to cut the New Deal into pieces, just as they wanted to all along, except this time they have an excuse. They call it for the “good of the country.”

The American people will not tolerate our social programs to be eliminated or privatized. We want to raise taxes on the wealthy and decrease the military budget.

Tell Congress protect the New Deal and stop balancing the nation’s debt on our shoulders. After their policies have driven out our good paying jobs, we don’t have the money to give them.

Here is the petition

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Repudiate The Concept of Newt Gingrich As President, Not The 99%

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In any society there are as many movements as there are special interest groups or widely-held opinions about nearly any subject imaginable. Because of free speech, instantaneous communications, and a multi-cultural society, America has hundreds of movements jockeying for attention and influence in government and only a select few are well-funded organizations that seriously impact legislation, the public, or leading politicians. It is a fairly good indicator that the Occupy Movement is having an impact on politicians and, in a larger sense, the Republican Party when GOP leaders come out against the populist uprising. It was telling, then, that a leading Republican presidential candidate called on President Obama to repudiate the Occupy Movement.

At a speech in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich, the Republican leader-of-the-moment,  said “I repudiate, and I call on the President to repudiate, the concept of the 99 and the 1. It is un-American, it is divisive, it is historically false.” There are problems with Gingrich’s comments and as much truth as there are blatant lies. One thing is for certain; the Occupy Movement and their message of representing the 99% is having a profound impact on Republicans who created the class war Gingrich repudiates. Gingrich plagiarized the President when he said, “When I am president, I will be president of all the American people.” Those are endearing words from a man who belongs to the party that represents the 1% and has bestowed favors, advantages, and special tax breaks at the expense of 99% of Americans.

Gingrich was correct when he said the concept of the 99 and the 1 is un-American, and yet Republicans created the “reality” that government works primarily for one percent; it is no longer a concept when 1% holds most of the wealth while 99% of Americans are struggling to survive in an economy Republicans produced through deregulation of the financial sector and inequitable tax cuts for the wealthy. He was also correct when he claims the concept-turned-reality is divisive but, when 99% of the people are held in contempt by Republicans who seek myriad ways to keep them  poor, voiceless, unemployed, and little hope of ever achieving more than sustenance existence, it is more than divisive; it is plutocracy. The fallacy in Gingrich’s statement is that the ‘concept’ of 99 and the 1 is that it is historically false. The wealthy have always received unfair advantages working Americans never realize, but since the neo-conservative movement gained power during the Bush administration, the 1% have ascended as royalty in the Republican mindset making them worthy of protection, taxpayer dollars, and unlimited prosperity.

Republicans use the tired canard of class warfare every time President Obama and Democrats have sought tax increases on the wealthy, and repudiating the Occupy movement fits into their narrative that it is un-American to oppose favoring the rich over the rest of the population. The American people are becoming more politically and economically savvy to Republican policies that favor  wealthy Americans, and as the Occupy movement grows and gains support from the middle and lower classes, Republicans will face more opposition in the class war they started.

Republicans escalated the class war against the 99% with enthusiasm during the Bush years and they show no signs of backing down from their policies that are destroying 99% of the population. During the lead up to the 2010 elections, House minority leader Eric Cantor said that his party had “screwed up and learned their lesson” and would work for all the American people creating jobs. However, as soon as the 112th Congress began, Republicans embarked on a slash and burn campaign aimed at cutting programs that benefit 99% of the population. They have killed consumer protections, jobs, social safety nets, and aid to the poor and elderly to make room for more tax breaks for the wealthy.

There is little doubt Republicans created and are protecting the one percent at the expense of the rest of the population and the American people are aware of who caused the income inequality. A NBC/Wall Street Journal poll reported that “60% of Americans strongly agree that the economic imbalance comes from policies that favor the rich over the rest of the country,” and “55% said income inequality is a significant problem in the country.” If more Americans paid attention to what Republicans have done and intend to do, most of the 99% would agree the GOP favors the one percent to the detriment of the rest of the country. Republicans are so strongly entrenched with the richest Americans that they have ignored the will of the people who overwhelmingly favor raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for job creation. A Democratic pollster said, “From the perspective of policy, there is a huge gap between what the public wants the government to do and the positions of the Republican Party on those issues. The public has a clear understanding that, at a time when the rich are doing well and everyone else is struggling, the Republicans have aligned themselves squarely with those at the very top.”

Mitch McConnell accused Democrats of “designing legislation to fail in the hopes of trying to frame up next year’s election,” and that,” the House has been busy all year passing bipartisan jobs bills that we could rally around in a sign of unity and common concern for the millions of Americans who are looking for jobs.” McConnell is a liar because Republican job creation plans are more tax cuts for the richest 1% and eliminating environmental and financial regulations that protect the 99%. There is a real, divisive, Republican-induced class war and it is the richest 1% against the entire population and not a concept as Gingrich claims.

If Newt Gingrich or any Republican thinks repudiating the reality of the 99% and the 1% will make it go away, they are dreaming. The Occupy movement did not invent the 99% versus the 1%, but their protests have made the public aware of the class war that has been underway for decades. The problem for Republicans now is that the 99% are finally speaking up because as long as they were voiceless, Republicans never decried class warfare and quietly gave advantages and entitlements to the rich and their corporations. All Americans do not have the same opportunities as the wealthy elite and no amount of repudiation by Newt Gingrich will convince the 99%  who have lost wealth, jobs, homes, and their voice in government will change what he calls a “concept of 99 and the one.”

Republicans acknowledge their special relationship with the richest 1% of Americans with every attempt at cutting their taxes and they show no signs of feeling public pressure to change. They also show their abhorrence and contempt for 99% of Americans with every round of spending cuts aimed at the poor, children, retirees, and the middle class. If Gingrich or any Republican wants to end the class war they started, they have ample time to step up and follow the will of the people instead of repudiating a conflict they started.

For Gingrich to call on President Obama to join him and his Republican cohorts in repudiating a real, divisive, historically factual, American populist movement opposed to the GOP’s war on the 99% is tantamount to asking him to repudiate the sun. Unlike Republicans, President Obama understands the Occupy movement and 99% of Americans they represent have been under assault from Republicans and has fought for the people since his first day in office. Gingrich may pretend he is unaware of the class war, and he can renounce it daily, but his policies, rhetoric, and actions as a legislator and candidate show he is squarely on the side of the 1%. Subsequently, he and his Republican friends will pay a steep price for perpetuating the war and trying to convince 99% of Americans who are struggling to survive that their losses are a concept. The Occupy movement will continue frightening Republicans and no amount of denial or repudiation will stop it from growing to haunt them in the next election.

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Pat Robertson Resurrects Old Fears that Peace Symbol is Broken Cross

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You really DO need the mind altering substances to see the "broken cross"

Modern day Pagans have to deal with all sorts of stupidity (so too, obviously, do atheists and progressive Christians and those of other belief systems but I can only speak as the Heathen I am). Some of it comes from our own ranks, such as the belief in a prehistoric matriarchy (completely unsupported by the facts) in which life was perfect, or the idea that there was some sort of polytheistic Golden Age (completely unsupported by the facts) in which life was perfect. But most of the stupidity comes from outside – from Christianity in point of fact.

Christianity isn’t entirely to blame, of course. Judaism started it the ball rolling with its invention of the true/false distinction in religion (Jan Assmann’s Mosaic Distinction). But Christianity sure picked up the ball and ran with it – a BOHICA moment of catastrophic proportions. And with all due apologies to progressive Christians, oh what a mess it has made. Nor is it a F-up from which the world will ever recover.

Fundamentalist Christians from the very get-go, starting with Paul of Tarsus (and yes, he was a fundamentalist if there ever was one), targeted Paganism as the enemy and as Christianity matured it saw things Pagan as opposed to Christianity even while stealing its symbols, stories, gods, holy days, and even beliefs, hand over fist to  fit into the growing Christian framework. They are still doing this, still labeling everything they disapprove of as “pagan” and televangelist Pat Robertson, who once blamed Pagans for 9/11, is more than happy to participate in this parade of ignorance and deceit. Secular symbols can likewise be targeted for destruction.

Take the peace symbol, Robertson’s latest target. This is an issue he addressed on his 700 Club on November 28. Now, Christianity of course asserts sole possession of the capital-T Truth, which means of course that nobody else and nothing else can participate in that truth. Which means if Christianity is the religion of peace (excuse me, I think I threw up a little in mouth there) then no sign but the cross can symbolize that peace – including, especially, the peace sign. The peace sign, it may surprise you to learn, is a broken cross.

I’ve had my Thor’s hammer also called a broken cross by the way, I suppose, Christians who can’t imagine anybody wearing anything that would not be a cross (though I suspect they actually thought a part of my hammer had physically broken off).

The peace symbol is of course an entirely secular symbol.  But posed a question by a concerned grandparent (should she be concerned that her grandchildren are wearing peace signs, egads!?) Pat Robertson went into a predictable tailspin, dredging up the usual and already refuted arguments made by past conservatives, in this case the John Birch Society in 1970:

Watch the video from Media Matters:

“Well I think the peace sign is a broken cross, isn’t it? I mean, isn’t that what it is? It’s a broken cross, that’s what it is: an upside-down broken cross.”

“I don’t think they ought to be wearing that kind of thing.”

But the peace sign is no more a broken cross than is my Thor’s hammer despite fundamentalist assertions (see the absolutely silly claims made here). My hammer is the symbol of Mjollnir and therefore of Thor, defender of the gods and friend of man. The only possible connection you might draw is that my god carries a hammer and that Jesus was nailed to a piece of wood. But I don’t think that’s in Robertson’s thinking.

Look at it:

And a cross?

Then compare a peace sign:

To an upside-down cross:

Honestly, I don’t see it. This is how Gerald Holtom described the peace sign’s creation – and he ought to know – he invented it:

“I was in despair. Deep despair. I drew myself: the representative of an individual in despair, with hands palm outstretched outwards and downwards in the manner of Goya’s peasant before the firing squad. I formalized the drawing into a line and put a circle round it.”

Well there you go. What it ends up symbolizing is semaphore flags held out to signal an “N” and a “D” for nuclear disarmament. There is no Jesus and no cross and certainly no intent to turn a cross upside down. Pat Robertson’s fixation with the cross, his insistent in seeing a cross in every little symbol is rather laughable since Christians didn’t even invent the damn thing.

Crosses, you see, are far older than Christianity, just as are sacrifices and resurrected gods.  Cross symbols go all the way back to the Stone Age, for crying out loud. Polytheists, Celts, Scandinavians and others, including Egyptians, were employing the cross long before anybody gave any thought to a guy named Jesus.

I mean, is this a cross?

No, that’s an ancient Egyptian ankh. It was in use a long before the Christian use of a cross. Is Robertson going to go back and retroactively turn the ankh into some sort of perverted cross?

How about this? Is this a cross?

No, that’s a sun wheel, dating back to Neolithic times and used by my own Heathen ancestors before they ever heard of Christianity and the White Christ.

Is Pat going to call that a Christian symbol too, or some perversion of it?

Fundamentalist Christians need to understand that the world does not revolve around them, their beliefs, or the stolen and repurposed symbols of far older religions. Christianity has no symbols that did not belong to somebody else first, including the fish symbol, the so-called “Jesus fish” you see on the backs of so many cars:

This is actually an ancient polytheistic fertility symbol – ironic since fundamentalist Christians hate women so much More amusing still, to Pagans, is that the ichthus symbol is also representative of a vulva.

The problem is, as I said, that in fundamentalist thinking what isn’t of Christianity must be opposed to Christianity, thus Paganism is Satanic and anything secular is anti-Christian (and therefore Satanic). It’s a bizarre thought-bubble these people occupy, almost incomprehensible to the well-balanced mind, where reality has no bearing and no relevance. They don’t see the world as we do; they never have and they never will. The unfortunate thing is that they like to spread ignorance through contagious negative emotion rather than rational thought (which admittedly takes more effort) and they breed like bunnies.

We can laugh at Pat Robertson, and probably should, but we can’t discount him or those to whom he speaks, because they care no more for the facts or for reality than does he. And remember: they breed like bunnies. There isn’t a substance that can be used like the Conservastapo’s crowd-clearing Pepper Spray to clear a mind. The only thing that can free the mind is education. We’re about to the point now where we each need to carry a satchel of pamphlets to address each and every lie being told, but that’s impractical and people don’t like having their beliefs challenged. Their megachurch pastors have already filled up their minds with emotive fact-immunized sound bites.

Good luck going down that road, if you choose to take it. Pagan philosopher Porphyry realized the futility of reason way back in the third century C.E., writing that “it is easier to write words on water than try to use argument on a Christian.”

We’re facing an uphill battle not only because Porphyry was right, but because we can’t outbreed them. I don’t mean to be defeatist: as long as we have institutes of higher learning we have a chance against the Pat Robertson’s of the world. The stench of bullshit can be eroded through prolonged exposure to reality, which is why they hate academia and academics so much; why they view universities as temples to Satan and why they have their own colleges to program rather than educate.

But it’s a battle we must fight – and win – unless you want Jesus in your vulva:

Image from in honor of the site’s fantastical claims about the peace sign. I am in awe of anyone who can cram so much BS into such a small area. You have to wonder why the 9/11 terrorists weren’t festooned with peace signs! Who knew?

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Live Stream of Occupy Los Angeles Raid

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Protesters have been in the camp for eight weeks, starting in October, and are being evicted tonight. The Occupiers have amassed their own library and even organized yoga classes in the City Hall park. Media restrictions for the eviction are tight.

The Official Occupy LA Livestream:

Watch live streaming video from owslosangeles at

Watch Occupy Los Angels raid from CBS:

LA Weekly reports:

But a last-minute email to the LAPD’s press list last night — saying “any outlet interested in being considered for the [Occupy L.A. eviction] pool must have a representative attend this meeting, no exceptions” — has raised some concerns among smaller-time reporters covering Occupy L.A.

(And in the case of Occupy Wall Street, the bloggers and freelancers are often the only ones getting the story right.)

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles has said that he sympathizes with the protesters as a former union organizer and former president of the LA ACLU. We will see just how much he sympathizes and how he handles what could turn into a media debacle given the limited access and Los Angeles’ police department history.

Image: CBS

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Germany Decides To Ship David Duke and His Flaming Bigotry Back To The US

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David Duke has been released from a German prison and is awaiting expulsion from the country. Many people, myself included, started an online prayer chain, hoping Germany would keep him, to no avail. Dr. (yes, really) Duke has had previous issues in Europe; in 2009 he was detained in, and then thrown out of, the Czech Republic on suspicion of being a holocaust denier. Denying the Holocaust is in fact a crime in many European countries, including the latest one to take offense at Duke’s presence, Germany.

David Duke is a former leader with the Ku Klux Klan, a prominent white nationalist and flaming bigot with two unsuccessful presidential campaigns and a year in prison under his belt. The prison term was not for anything remotely racist-he bilked his followers out of hundred of thousands of dollars to pay gambling debts. The same people, by the way, from whom he is begging money to fight these current charges in Germany.

On his website, Duke wrote that German authorities had arrested him to “silence his message of heritage and freedom.” Considering that he was arrested prior to giving a speech to a right wing extremist group, and Germany takes this sort of thing very seriously, I’m guessing that Duke may be glossing over the facts just a tad. Germany has recently been battling a surge in the number of nationalist groups, some of which are believed to be responsible for attacks against minorities. In fact, less than a week before Duke’s arrest, German prosecutors announced a new investigation into a Neo Nazi group connected to no less than eight murders, including six Turkish immigrants and a police officer. This group is also suspected in numerous other attacks in Cologne and Dusseldorf that injured at least 30 people, mostly immigrants and foreigners., the white nationalist group that boasts the Hal Turner radio program and thinks Tom Metzger (the founder of W.A.R.-White Aryan Resistance) got a “raw deal” during HIS trial, also sponsors David Duke, hawks his tapes and videos on their site, and really wants him to run for president. But, as his two other attempts failed miserably, Stormfront has set their hearts on another candidate, one they believe is close to Dr. David Duke. Who is it? Why, it’s Ron Paul. They blog about him, they praise him, and they raise money for him. A lot of money.

But this isn’t about Ron Paul, although I hope having read the above statement, you’ll look into the connection-great photo of Paul and the founder of Stormfront with their arms around each other floating around in cyberspace-so let’s get back to David Duke. Unfortunately, Germany won’t keep him. “We all have a responsibility to ensure that extreme right, nationalistic and anti-Semitic groups and networks are not able to again come together”, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, the German justice minister, stated, according to the AP. He’s already been thrown out of the Czech Republic for his bigoted and dishonest statements about the Holocaust.

There is a possibility that Iran will take him. In 2006, Duke traveled there to participate in a Holocaust denial conference that took place in Tehran. Duke voiced support during his speech for discredited false historians who deny that gas chambers were ever used by the Nazis. Those fringe scholars were imprisoned in Europe for making hateful and dishonest comments about the Holocaust, and Dr. Duke was defending their statements and beliefs.

Obviously, Europe takes hate a little more seriously than we here in America do, and that means they’re sending Duke back. I say we organize a huge bake sale, hire a deprogramming team, snag him and send him to Iran. Yes, as a tall blonde, he’ll stand out, but they already love him over there. Anyone have a giant pie dish and 400 muffin tins?

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