Why Do Religious Whites Lean Right and Minorities Lean Left?

Oct 31 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

In a recent Gallup poll it showed what we all expect, most white, very religious American align their political ideology with the Republicans. “Very religious white Americans continue to be one of the most Republican segments of the U.S. population: 62% identify with or lean toward the Republican Party…” According to the poll, only 27% lean or are Democrats.

The segment of the poll that I find interesting is the rest of the population of very religious people. According to the poll, very religious Hispanics align themselves more with Democrats 44% and 27% with the GOP. Very religious Asians also skew toward the Democratic Party, 47% align themselves with the party and only 35% with the Republican Party. Very religious black Americans are 78% more likely to side with the Democratic Party while only 10% are Republican.

The poll doesn’t distinguish the religions of the ethnic groups. It is possible that the minority groups may be religious but not Christian. This is highly possible with Asian Americans, but not as likely with Hispanics and Blacks.

If very religious whites are more likely to favor the GOP and very religious Blacks and Hispanics favor the Democratic Party, but they believe in the same religion and read from the same bible, then there must be something else that pushed them to either party. Perhaps it is the interpretation of the bible that has accomplished this.

Many very religious Blacks and Hispanics seem to have a deep root in social and economic justice, much like Martin Luther King. They believe in the ability for the government to attack the poverty problem in society. They believe that the bible teaches to take care of each other in regards to the poor, malnourished and disenfranchised.

It is a very interesting poll that breaks into the contrast of ethnicity in America, and that religion is not always aligned with conservative social issues or economics. It is a question that needs to be studied in depth, why is there such a divide amongst equally religious people in their political decisions?

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