Voters To Decide If A Fertilized Egg Is A Person In Mississippi

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There are distinct advantages to allowing the public to cast ballots on a variety of issues that impact society and the well-being of individuals in that society. Conversely, there are issues that affect personal choice and rights of individuals that do not fall into the purview of the public regardless of public opinion on ethical or morality issues. Americans are facing an alarming ascendance of fundamentalist Christians who are using the ballot box to impose their religious beliefs on the entire population without regard for contrary opinions, personal choice, or the Constitution’s guarantee of the pursuit of happiness, and the goal is a theocratic government controlled by evangelical Christians and the Catholic Church.

Dominionists have as their goal the total control of seven areas of society that, if achieved, will transform America into a country that will eclipse Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in its severity and Draconian imposition of religious edicts as defined by fundamentalist Christians. In particular, the current campaign to define the term person as a fertilized human egg is a Dominionist ploy to control families through their rising influence in politics. Next week in Mississippi, voters will make the call on when a person comes into being without regard to biological facts.

The Mississippi personhood amendment (Initiative 26) gives voters the lofty responsibility of assigning human rights and personhood to a zygote based on nothing more than evangelicals’ bible-based beliefs and ignorance of biological science and reason. Besides the inordinately twisted view that a fertilized egg is a person worthy of human rights, the personhood amendments strip all human rights from women to control their own bodies.  There have been chapter and verse written about the evil personhood movement’s sponsors and their goal of overturning Roe v Wade in the courts, but their tactics are indicative of religion suppressing women’s rights as a precursor to Dominionist control of America.

The GOP is complicit in the Dominionist’s imposition of biblical beliefs and their abhorrence of contraception. Last July, New Hampshire Republicans refused to renew a contract for Planned Parenthood that authorized them to dispense birth control pills. Planned Parenthood’s retail pharmacy license was contingent on a state contract, and by rejecting a new contract, the family planning service lost out on $1.8 million in government money and the ability to dispense contraception; it also jeopardizes testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. One Republican who voted to oppose awarding the contract said it should not go to Planned Parenthood because they perform abortions that are paid for through private donations; regular audits ensure that no public or government funds pay for abortion services.

The effect of restricting access to affordable birth control is that many low-income women have no choice but to stop using contraception altogether out of economic necessity. Planned Parenthood also conducts screenings for cervical and breast cancer and those are in jeopardy because the Republicans failed to award a contract. There is a lesser known Dominionist movement behind the anti-contraception drive that mandates women to propagate like rabbits called the quiver-full movement. Their goal is to produce as many Christians as possible to gain a majority of ultra-conservative evangelical voters who will elect hard-line theocrats to take over all branches of American government to install a voter-approved theocracy.

Although all Americans are in peril of losing their freedoms in the long haul, the immediate concern should be the Republicans’ co-opting the Dominionists’ war on women and their right to choose their own reproductive health. Obviously the war on women’s rights has as its goal overturning Roe v Wade, but in the meantime, low-income women face health risks and numerous unwanted pregnancies if Republicans and their  Dominionist masters are not stopped. It is unfortunate, but it seems Americans do not have the stomach to oppose and crush the unconstitutional imposition of Christian-inspired legislation that is being approved at an alarming rate in states and the federal government. Besides the Republicans, there are cowardly Democrats who acquiesce to Dominionists’ invectives because their constituencies are hard-line evangelicals and they fear losing the next election; voting for unconstitutional legislation is the price they pay for re-election, but they pay it willingly.

The right to vote in America is a privilege, but there are cases when the public has no right voting to impose bible-based edicts masquerading as law. There are no voters in Mississippi who have the credentials to decide that a fertilized egg is a person worthy of human rights, but next Tuesday, the most religious state in the Union will make that decision based not on biological science and reason, but on some obscure scripture that says god creates life in the womb. The truth is that a man fertilizes a woman’s egg in the womb and most of the time the egg fails to implant resulting in no pregnancy. There is no god involved and if there were; what kind of god would create a person from instances of violent rape or incest? That kind of evil god represents the vile evangelical Christians who purport to carry out his will.

There are ethical questions involved in when life begins, but allowing maniacal evangelical Christians to answer them is the height of stupidity. It is unethical to allow politicians to decide that Planned Parenthood cannot dispense birth control because Christians believe that every instance of intercourse necessarily results in pregnancy. America is sliding into the Dark Ages because fundamentalists are allowed to control Republicans who are all too happy to impose the bible on all Americans; especially on women.

Voters in Mississippi must not be allowed to impose their ignorant bible-inspired beliefs on an entire state because it sets a dangerous precedent like the one in New Hampshire where Republicans eliminated the only source of affordable contraception for low-income women. The problem will only spread to the federal government where Republicans are in a frenzy to remove contraceptive coverage in the Affordable Health Act.

Christians object to women having sex without producing children because they need recruits for their onward Christian-soldier army and cannot wait for their numbers to grow so America can become a theocracy. Voting to define life is wrong in any case, but especially when it is driven by Dominionists whose stated goal is to control every aspect of Americans’ lives. Today they are attempting to control women, and if they are not stopped, all Americans will understand what living in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan entailed.  However, compared to Dominionists, the Taliban will look tame and not nearly as evil as Christianity’s version of Mullahs, Ayatollahs, and bible-thumping death squads who were installed by the Republican Party.

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