Government Bailout Has Been Provided To Everyone Except The Ones Paying For It

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Toby Keith came on the Colbert Show October 27th and made a profound statement that America is in a bad upside down loan. You can’t just get out of a bad upside down loan, you have to file bankruptcy, start over or get bailed out. There aren’t any other options. What America needs is a solid solution at the foundation level, but not just a solution to the hardship but a complete refocusing of our leadership and those in authority at the highest levels. This movement needs to be aimed at those who helped create the problem, not just the problem itself.

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That is what many reports say the Occupy Wall Street movement is trying to accomplish. The question is, is anyone else? So far the “bailout” has gone to banks, corporations and Wall Street capitalists. So is there really any difference between the Republicans and Democrats at the moment? Politicians all are focused on everything except the people, on both sides of the isle.  Even the job creation bills aren’t truly focused on the people as much as they benefit small businesses and construction companies. Granted, this will create jobs, but the American people will still have to compete for those jobs. Not to mention that there aren’t as many new jobs being created as there are Americans needing jobs, and we have yet to see whether or not those jobs will pay well enough to sustain households.

The biggest difference between Main Street and Wall Street is that America isn’t looking for a hand-out; they are looking for a hand-up. Many who are part of the upside down loan aren’t irresponsible or lack the ability to manage their finances nor are they lazy free loaders. The majority is willing to work and earn what they get. It is through the disappearance of their investments, the loss of jobs, the unregulated increase in credit card fees and interest rates, the unregulated methods of mortgage and student loan companies and an overall lack of confidence in the economy that has put the vast majority into a troubled situation. This isn’t evidence of a bad lifestyle or inability to take responsibility for their own actions; this is purely the snowball effect of an economy and political environment in a massive downward spiral.

Whatever measures are taken to get the country back on track, inevitably come at the expense of the tax payers, so it really only makes sense that the tax payers be the ones to directly benefit from the corrective measures. Wall Street was bailed out on the taxpayer dime. Shouldn’t there be some kind of Taxpayer bailout on the taxpayer dime? Since the taxpayers are funding the bailout, it isn’t accurate to say that they are asking for or receiving a hand-out. It is simply the leadership recognizing they serve the people of the nation and leveraging the taxpayer dollars to benefit the backbone of the nation.

That is the main point that so many Politicians, CEOs and Officials keep forgetting; if the working class people fail, falter or despair, the rest of the nation will mirror the collapse. As the people go, so goes the nation. The people are the foundation of this nation and the nation cannot stand if its foundation crumbles.  The top down solutions aren’t real solutions. It is time our “leadership” starts listening to the people they supposedly represent. It is time for the bottom-up solutions to be put into place. If it is good for Wall Street, it should be applied in the same measure to Main Street, especially since Main Street is the one funding the measure. They certainly should be the ones to benefit from it.

Let us say, for instance, each of the 153.9 million people in the work force (which according to the CIA World Fact Book includes the estimated number of unemployed in 2010) receives a check for $10,000. The total cost for this initiative would be around 1.54 Billion dollars. That is a huge savings over the $787 billion bailout that was provided to help banks and corporations stay afloat. What could $10,000 do in the hands of every individual that worked in the last two years, including those that now qualify for unemployment? It could certainly pay down student loans or pay for the completion of a degree. It could pay down car loans or purchase cars for cash. It could repair cars that don’t function properly, so that workers can get to their jobs. It could keep a family from losing their home. It could provide food for those that go without on a regular basis. It could put clothing on children. It could pay down credit card debt so that individuals wouldn’t be subject to the predatory methods of credit card companies.  It could do any number of things but one thing it would certainly do is stimulate the economy in every sector. It might even be able to convince the people that the leadership hasn’t forgotten them. It could also restore a little hope which is vital to the future of the nation.

The key is we are paying for it anyway. The taxpayers pay for it when houses are foreclosed upon. The taxpayers pay for it when families are forced to file bankruptcy. The taxpayers pay for it when individuals default on their hospital bills. The taxpayers pay for it when CEOs get greedy. The taxpayers pay for it when Politicians decide their corporate interests are of greater importance than the interests of the people. The taxpayers pay for it when corporations send all their jobs overseas. The taxpayers pay for it, so shouldn’t the taxpayers benefit from it as well? Shouldn’t we have the same opportunities to start over, start fresh, reduce liabilities and be productive members of society again?

Shouldn’t we take the time to let our “leadership” know we want that chance too?

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