House GOP To Violate The Constitution’s Ban On State Sponsored Religion

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Americans who support Republicans in Congress must be extremely proud of their representatives for the lies they spread leading up to the 2010 midterm elections. The primary lie was that the GOP was going to focus on “jobs, jobs, jobs” if they were elected and since the start of the 112th Congress, they have focused on religion, Christianity, and more religion to satisfy their fanatical Christian supporters. In an upcoming vote in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Republicans will once again turn their undivided attention to disregarding the Constitution’s ban on promoting religion, and ignore their promise to focus on job creation and growing the economy.

Republicans in the House will attempt to pass a resolution reaffirming that the nation’s motto is “In god We Trust” because it will waste time and divert attention away from the GOP’s total lack of interest in creating jobs or bolstering the economy. The concurrent resolution is sponsored by Representative Randy Forbes (R-VA), and he claims it is to focus attention on “supporting and encouraging the public display of the national motto in all public buildings, public schools and other government institutions.” At the start of the 112th Congress, Republicans held a reading of the Constitution, but apparently they either skipped over the 1st Amendment completely or decided that the Founding Fathers made a mistake when they included the part that says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.“  Whatever dysfunction Republicans labor under, the notion of encouraging schools, public buildings, or any government institution to display a religious “motto” is patently unconstitutional because it is in direct conflict with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

The proposed resolution gives a brief accounting of references to god in the history of the government and says, “If religion and morality are taken out of the market-place of ideas, the very freedom on which the United States was founded cannot be secured.” It is highly irregular for Republicans to come out openly for establishing religion in the government and especially in connection with the security of the nation because they usually are stealthy in promoting god. Republicans have heavily promoted god since they took control of the House, but they did so by attacking Planned Parenthood, women’s right to choose, and anti-gay agendas in the states and at the federal level. One of the Republican’s arguments for the resolution is that it will help turn the tide against their imagined effort to remove references to their air-fairy from public buildings.

The resolution’s sponsor, Forbes, wrote back in March that, “Federal agencies and departments have been instructed that the phrase not be posted in those buildings. The effect on our public schools has been chilling, as teachers and administrators do not know whether they can post our national motto on their walls.” The effect has been chilling on teachers and administrators? Apparently, since Republicans are so fond of fabricating imagined outrages and lying to promote their agendas, describing the Constitutional ban on religion in government as having a chilling effect is just another tactic to enrage the Religious Right and their superstitious sycophants to rally behind the GOP that has not fulfilled any of their campaign promises to create jobs or grow the economy.

Democrats  said spending time on a divisive issue when the nation is suffering from high unemployment is a waste of time.  They wrote in the committee report that accompanied the bill that, “Instead of addressing any of these critical issues, and instead of working to help American families keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables, we are debating whether or not to affirm and proliferate a motto that was adopted in 1956 and that is not imperiled in any respect.” The Democrats also said that, “Without question, the Judiciary Committee has many important and time-sensitive matters within its purview. The majority, however, seems intent on diverting the committee’s time, resources and attention to a measure that has no force of law, only reaffirms existing law and further injects the hand of government into the private religious lives of the American people.” The resolution does not have the force of law, and is indeed just a waste of time meant to enrage conservative Christians against “godless liberals.”

There are a majority of Americans who cannot comprehend that the ridiculous motto was not included in the Constitution and do not believe it was meant as opposition to Communism in 1956. But facts are always an issue with conservative Christians who are under the fallacious assumption that the Founding Fathers meant for America to be a Christian nation because it is their goal to return to a time and place that never existed. It is outrageous that Republicans are promoting an unconstitutional agenda of forcing the public, especially school-age children, to acknowledge belief in a mythological character from ancient Jewish mythology, but the real atrocity is that Republicans are doing anything to avoid creating jobs or help the economy.

It is an absolute outrage to think that an ignoramus motto will help Americans find good paying jobs or pay for their daily food. Do the Republicans and their acolytes in the Christian religion really think plastering a stupid slogan in schools, government buildings, and public places reflects all of America’s citizens trust that an imaginary being will do anything positive for the country? The slogan has been around for 55 years and America has been attacked by terrorists, lost countless lives in worthless military conflicts, and suffered Republican malfeasance that nearly destroyed the entire world’s economy and that alleged trust in god did not prevent any of those devastating events from occurring. Christians may believe that trusting in god will save America, but intelligent Americans believe that trusting in politicians who are serious about taking care of the population is preferable to hoping god will create jobs and keep the nation safe. Apparently, trusting in god is as worthless as trusting Republicans to keep their campaign pledge to help the American people by creating jobs and growing the economy.

Republicans are clueless about job creation and as usual, they revert to the tired canard of invoking god as if it will have any consequence except to impose religion on the entire country. However, the only thing Republicans worked at for ten months is pandering to the religious right, the wealthiest 1%, and corporations so it is not that surprising they revert to the only thing they know; when all else fails, invoke god and purport that without a stupid slogan “the very freedom on which the United States was founded cannot be secured.” If freedom cannot be secured without a stupid slogan and trust in god, the country will become a corporate controlled plutocracy where 1% of the people control 80% of the wealth and 99% of the population will fall into poverty. Oh wait, America is already there and it arrived with the policies of  Republicans and since 1956; the nation’s trust in god.



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