GOP Holds America Hostage By Denying Jobs Today for Elections Tomorrow

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No matter how it is spun, every word of current news depicts over and over how much the Wall Street Executives and right wing fundamentalists and politicians have forgotten the middle class. They have completely abandoned the concept of government of the people, by the people and for the people. Fortunately for us, we have a President that has NOT forgotten the people. provided statistics that show exactly how quickly the American Dream is imploding. The graph shows how the productivity of the working class remains on a constant climb, while the wages of the working class fails to follow suit since somewhere in the mid 1970’s.


President Obama in a recent radio interview addressed this very concern, “The truth is, we can no longer wait for Congress to do its job. The middle-class families who’ve been struggling for years are tired of waiting. They need help now. So where Congress won’t act, I will.”

That is exactly what the middle class needs today. Unfortunately many of the GOP candidates and current Republican politicians seem inclined to insist that the best time to address the need for jobs and economic stimulus is next year, after the elections. Seriously though, do they think that we the people should have to prove ourselves to them when we are the ones that voted them in last time? Should we have to reinforce their position before they come through on their previous campaign promises? Why should we believe that the GOP will do something after the next election, when they have refused to do something after the elections in 2010?

Rick Tope from Las Vegas made the point eloquently for the Las Vegas Sun, Saturday, “During the 2010 election, Republican congressional candidates promised that if they were elected they would “get America working again” and promote legislation to create jobs. And how did they follow through after the election? Not one of them introduced any legislation that would create a job. Not only that, but Republicans have blocked several jobs bills that have been introduced by the president.”

This pronouncement by President Obama is a welcome topic for many households throughout America. No longer is he going to take the chance that Congress will see the urgency of these steps, he is going to take the power given to him by the voters to benefit the voters. He has the ability to use his Executive Order power to create jobs without Congressional support. In recent days President Obama has issued Executive Orders to help students repay their government provided student loans, assist homeowners with their mortgages in an unpredictable economy and to help over 8,000 veterans find jobs. The hope of the nation is that the same will be done for the middle class who is struggling and has been struggling for over a decade.

Unfortunately an Executive Order alone will not be enough to get our economy back on track. Congress needs to realize they have a responsibility to the people that put them in office, not just the businesses that contributed to their campaigns. The bigger picture cannot be addressed until there is some cooperation between Congress and the Oval Office. This does not mean necessarily that the President needs to compromise, since he has been doing that for almost three years already. There needs to be compromise in the House and in the Senate in support of the President’s efforts and it shouldn’t be delivered to the American people as a condition for their support in the election cycle.

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