The American Jobs Act Answers the 99%’s Cry for Economic Liberty

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It Was the Best of Times It Was the Worst of Times

As President Obama tries to explain in small, broken down paragraphs to the allegedly reading-impaired Republicans in congress why they should pass the American Jobs Act, the American people on the ground are telling them as well. Every Occupy movement across the country is protesting the lack of economic opportunity – the lack of jobs.

The 99% don’t want handouts; they want jobs. They want to work within a system of opportunity like American capitalism was envisioned, instead of the crony capitalism it’s become. Today’s Wall Street is not capitalism, though the Kings of Wall Street hide behind the red, white and blue of Free Enterprise Capitalism as if it were a get out of jail free card to excuse any abuse, including a system where paid for governmental representatives chose the winners and their friends make a killing, while the little mom or pop who invest their life savings back into their country in “safe” stocks gets taken for a ride coming and going.

Passing the President’s Jobs Act would just be part one of addressing the Occupiers’ demands. We’ve discussed the other four earlier; amounting to regulations, campaign finance reform, reversal of Citizens United, separation of banking industries from riskier ventures, and scrubbing the blatant propaganda of lies out of our “news”.

Of course, the President isn’t going to get his jobs act the normal way, because Republicans are filibustering jobs for Americans. Or rather, they are sitting on their thrones, paid for with our money, and somehow selling to the Foxian dupes that “government” jobs would be a bad thing.

They ought to know.

But luckily the President’s plan doesn’t call for government jobs; it calls for jobs to be protected for teachers and firefighters, hiring veterans and for us to invest $50 billion in infrastructure to make our own country better. Sort of like nation-building in terms of investment, only here, at home, and that seems to be the stickler with the Republicans. Here’s a state by state guide to how the American Jobs Act would impact your state.

I’m not sure it’s possible for the Republicans to be any more out of touch than they are at this moment in time; refusing to even vote on a jobs bill, unless it’s the one part the President put in the bill to appeal to big business and therefor, big businesses’ stooges, but in normal times, in normal negotiations, a party would say, OK, we’ll take this and give you that. But oh, no, not the Republicans of 2011.

Smug as they are in their public relations propaganda outlet’s previous success into poisoning the well, the Fox Emperors don’t’ realize they aren’t wearing any clothes. They don’t realize that no one is paying their mocking dismissal of the people any mind, except to be further energized by their arrogance.

The President has a way around the Republicans. Yes, it’s true, the days of the plantations are over and even though he is a Democrat and not all white, the President has power that the congress does not.

It’s called executive orders and the President has been using a variety of them to pass emergency elements of the jobs act. Adalia Woodbury discussed Obama’s use of the executive order in more detail on PoliticusUSA earlier today. The orders won’t be nearly enough — they don’t replace the kind of legislation we need, but they are a start.

Watch the President explain that if Republicans won’t act, he will:

Just picturing the look out poutrage on Mitch McConnell’s face that the President would dare to listen to the people and try to help them regain a shred of economic liberty ought to serve as slight amusement. How dare the President serve the people instead of the corporate masters? What does Obama think this is, a democratic republic built on the notion of freedom and liberty? Pshaw, Mr. President.

I’m taking bets that at least one Republican will whip out the word “boy” in reference to the uppity President, who has the fortitude and determination to use the power the people placed in him in order to help those same people.

But words that used to be a sign of disrespect are quickly becoming a sign of fear on the part of the dinosaurs of the Grand Old Party. They can call it anything they like, or rather, anything Frank Luntz tells them to label Obama’s jobs act, but the people aren’t listening. The people are fed up with the rampant inequities in the system. The people are angry. The people are hungry. The people want the dignity of having the opportunity to pay their own way with a job. The people want a job that not only pays a living wage, but as FDR said, gives them something to live for.

The only chants the people can hear are those of the brave patriots on ground zero of our fight for economic liberty: “We are the 99%!”

And those are the voices the President is heeding as he begins to use the power vested in him in order to circumvent an obstinate, obstructionist Republican Party that has played games with our economy, driving it to the cliff and then playing chicken with our credit rating until we were downgraded. Between their pious pretense at suddenly caring about the debt they grew under Bush (and never paid for) to their hypocritical concern about government jobs as they collect their cushy paycheck funded by the 99%, the Babbling of the Republican Emperors is being drowned out by the battle cry on the front lines of democracy.

American capitalism is being destroyed by the royalists of Wall Street and they want to blame us for their mistakes. They want to make it sound as if we don’t want to work, as if we object because we didn’t win the game. And while it’s true that our consciences may have prohibited us from making a killing selling mortgages to those who could not afford them, thus painting us as losers in the eyes of the Greedy Emperors, what isn’t true is that we are un-American traitors. There are some un-American traitors, but they are not at Occupy movements across the nation. They are hiding in their castles from the rightful rage of the people.

One tenet of capitalism that applies here is appealing to the best interest of the party from which you seek change. The walking corporate logos in DC won’t hear the 99%, no matter what we do. The Kings of Wall Street won’t hear us because it is not in their interest to hear the 99%.

But they are not the President. The President hears us, he is trying to help the people. By supporting his jobs act, and demanding that he does something about it in spite of the Republican obstruction, we can give him the a parcel of the public support FDR had when he made sweeping changes to protect the people from the Wall Street speculators’ greed.

Let the royalists know “We can’t wait!” for jobs and we support the American Jobs Act. 7 out of 10 millionaires support being taxes a mere .5% more in order to fund the American Jobs Act, so why won’t the Republicans budge? If they won’t listen, make them hear you by demanding sweeping executive action on jobs because they have left the President no other choice. We can do this thing with or without them.

It just depends on how much power they want us to demand our President use, if you get my drift.

Image: John Sherffius copyright protected original here Boulder Camera

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