As Right Wing Pseudo-Patriots Attack, Veterans Stand With Scott Olsen

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It seems my last article regarding Scott Olsen has brought attention to the fact that a few on the right are nothing more than pseudo-patriots. The article from GateWay Pundit regarding the website, is an attack on the alleged opinion of an American soldier who fought in Iraq twice!

Gateway was reporting from the original source called Verum Serum. After they only wrote about Scott Olsen and his possible website they said,

“That said, this story is really not about Scott Olsen. It’s about a protest movement inspired and organized by anarchists who wish to destroy this nation, while falsely claiming to represent middle America. And it’s about a national media engaged in uncritically promoting this narrative. Scott may be the victim of excessive police violence – this has yet to be conclusively determined. But he is also a victim of a fundamentally anti-American movement way too eager to use his military service as propaganda.”

So the whole point of writing about Scott was to take down the movement filled with “anarchists”. They don’t even believe 100% that he was injured by the police. Here is the statement on the Scott Olsen Incident by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Of America:

“Iraq and Afghanistan veterans come from varied backgrounds and represent diverse opinions. The strength of the new veterans community lies in our shared commitment to country, and veterans, like all Americans, should actively participate in the ongoing conversation about America’s future. And their safety is of paramount concern,” said IAVA Founder and Executive Director Paul Rieckhoff.

“The injury of any veteran is a serious concern to the broader veterans community—especially when it happens on American soil. Scott Olsen and his family are in our thoughts and prayers, and we hope for his speedy recovery. We expect to see a full and complete investigation into the circumstances of this incident. It’s what Scott, and all Americans, deserve.”

These Veterans didn’t have to make a statement, but they did and they decided to stand by there fellow serviceman, regardless of his political beliefs.

Those on the right that only support troops who support their political beliefs are Pseudo Patriots. Remember Max Cleland? He was a Vietnam Vet who attained the ranking of Captain and injured by an exploding grenade. Maury Cralle’Battalion Executive Officer 2d/12th Cavalry Battalion 1st Air Cavalry Division During the assault on Khe Shan wrote this on BuzzFlash,

The 2nd of the 12th Cavalry was engaged in a combat operation at the time of this incident. Max Cleland was with the Battalion Forward Command Post in heavy combat involving the attack of the 1st Cavalry Division up the valley to relieve the Marines who were besieged and surrounded at the Khe Shan Firebase. The whole surrounding area was an active combat zone (some might call the entire country of Vietnam a combat zone). (Is Iraq a combat zone?) Max, the Battalion Signal Officer, was engaged in a combat mission I personally ordered to increase the effectiveness of communications between the battalion combat forward and rear support elements: e.g. Erect a radio relay antenna on a mountain top. By the way, at one point the battalion rear elements came under enemy artillery fire so everyone was in harms way.

As they were getting off the helicopter, Max saw the grenade on the ground and he instinctively went for it. Soldiers in combat don’t leave grenades lying around on the ground. Later, in the hospital, he said he thought it was his own but I doubt the concept of “ownership” went through his mind in the split seconds involved in reaching for the grenade. Nearly two decades later another soldier came forward and admitted it was actually his grenade. Does ownership of the grenade really matter? It does not.

The Republicans attacked him and people like Ann Coulter jumped on-board. People said that because it wasn’t an enemy’s grenade it wasn’t really that important. It could have happened in the Fort or anywhere. I know for a FACT that if Max Cleland were a Republican the right wing would enthrone him as a war hero, as he should be, but because of his party affiliation, he is attacked.

The fact that this man’s service was being attacked rather than celebrated is vile and disgusting. Now we have Scott Olsen, a man who served in Iraq twice, whose feelings for the Corps may have been tarnished (this has not been proven), but his love of his country has never wavered, being attacked.

Scott Olsen was at Occupy Oakland protesting the war as a veteran for peace. He was protesting the wars while a Democrat is in office. This shows he was non-partisan in his feeling toward the wars.

I hope this brings further attention to the hypocrites in the right wing regarding patriotism, because patriotism shouldn’t STOP and supporting our troops shouldn’t stop at the ideological or partisan lines. If support for our troops stops at ideological or partisan lines, then you are nothing more than pseudo-patriots.

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