Police Violently Attack Occupy Denver Protesters With Mace And Rubber Bullets

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It has been an ugly and violent standoff at Occupy Denver today as police have beaten, maced, and used rubber bullets on the protesters. We have videos from earlier and a live stream of the events as they happen.

Here is the video from earlier today of police macing protesters:

Video of police beating protesters:

According to Occupy Denver, Police shot a 21 year old protester out of a tree. Here are is a picture of the kind of damage that “non-lethal force” does.

Image: Occupy Denver

According to Denver’s 9 News, there are dueling accounts of how the protest turned violent,

DPD says officers used “non-lethal agents,” like pepper spray and paintball-like balls full of tear gas, to subdue the crowd.

“We did have an officer who was pushed off his motorcycle and we had two officers who were kicked,” Murray said. “When it escalated to that point, we made a city-wide call [for backup].”

After police converged and started making arrests, officers say the crowd started to push in on them. They say the crowd even more agitated, spurring Denver Police to bring in more officers in riot gear.

Some protesters say police escalated the situation unnecessarily.

“They asked us to take a tent down. Some kid was standing too close to them. They just started attacking everybody. Spraying people with mace, arresting them. We did nothing. This is supposed to be a peaceful protest, and, they’re attacking us,” Sean Drigger, a protester said.

What is clear is that the standoff is tense, ugly, and ongoing. The protesters want to be able to set up their tents and camp out, while the police seem determined to break up this protest tonight.

To follow events at Occupy Denver as they happen, here is the livestream:

Watch live streaming video from occupytv at livestream.com

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