Since It Is Snowing On The East Coast Fox News Claims There Is No Global Warming

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For News is using the winter weather on the East Coast this weekend to once again argue that there is no such thing as global warming.

Here is video of Eric Bolling using the weekend snow to attack climate change via Media Matters:

Bolling played a 2010 clip of himself calling global warming a hoax during last year’s Christmas blizzard and said, “That was the famous Christmas blizzard last year, but take a look at this. The East Coast getting blasted again and it isn’t even Halloween. Give me a break.”

Eric Bolling has long been a serial climate change misinformer.

Here is Bolling back in December of 2010 claiming that snow disproves global warming:

A snowstorm is weather, and weather is not the same as climate. According to February 2010 On Earth post, the increased heavier storms are a symptom of a warming planet, “First things first — weather is not climate. But the likelihood of certain weather patterns is determined by climate. What we’ve seen in the snow-covered middle Atlantic this winter isn’t just possible in a warming world, but it was actually anticipated.”

The US Global Climate Change Research Program addressed why more snow is evidence in support of, not against climate change, “Confidence in projected changes is higher for winter and spring than for summer and fall. In winter and spring, northern areas are expected to receive significantly more precipitation than they do now, because the interaction of warm and moist air coming from the south with colder air from the north is projected to occur farther north than it did on average in the last century. The more northward incursions of warmer and moister air masses are expected to be particularly noticeable in northern regions that will change from very cold and dry atmospheric conditions to warmer but moister conditions. Alaska, the Great Plains, the upper Midwest, and the Northeast are beginning to experience such changes for at least part of the year, with the likelihood of these changes increasing over time.”

If I recall correctly, snow is precipitation, and the fact that it is snowing more often in a greater amounts does not disprove climate change, but supports the science. Eric Bolling’s argument revolves around spreading the simplistic distortion that weather equals climate. How can be getting warmer when it is colder than ever, and snowing more often? This success of this distortion frustrates scientists and those who believe in science because it speaks to a segment of America that has by choice rendered itself scientifically illiterate.

Those Americans who substitute values, whether they be political or religious for science, are who Fox News and Eric Bolling are playing to when they use weather to smear the science behind climate change.

No, Fox News, a pre-Halloween snowstorm does not mean that climate change does not exist. In fact, extreme weather patterns are evidence that climate change is occurring.

When Fox News uses weather to attack climate change, they are not only making their audience dumber, but they are also spreading false information that is contributing to the destruction of the planet.

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