The Right Launches A Smear Campaign Against Occupy Oakland’s Scott Olsen

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The Gateway Pundit is the go to site for the extreme ideological right wing. It also has the journalistic integrity of North Korea. In the latest post by this vile website, Jim Hoft, Gateway’s owner wrote and posted this article titled “Good Grief… Leftie Hero Scott Olsen Is Founder of “I Hate the Marines” & Is a Jew-Basher”.

Now, knowing the right wing’s history of fabrication and lies I dug into the history of the website they reference, IHATETHEMARINECORPS.COM. It turns out that it is registered to Scott Olsen, BUT it is registered to Scott Olsen from Milan, Illinois.

The Scott Olsen the Gateway Pundit is referencing is Scott Olsen from Onalaska, Wisconsin who was critically injured at Occupy Oakland. Scott moved to California after finding a job in the information technology field in San Francisco, with the help of his roommate Keith Shannon. The distance from Onalaska WI to Milan Ill. is over 200 miles away.

The website they reference was created on January 28th 2009. Scott was deployed to Iraq twice. The first time, August 2006 to May 2007 and then from 2008-2009, he left the Marines in November of 2009.

This is how vile and disgusting the right wing is. They will try and discredit a soldier, an Iraq veteran, just because it fits their narrow narrative to discredit an entire movement.

How many Scott Olsens are in the United States? We don’t even know if the Scott Olsen that created the website was even in the Marines, but we do know, by looking into the history of the website, that the Scott Olsen the website is registered to is from Illinois, not Wisconsin.

This doesn’t mean that it can’t be the same Scott Olsen, but the point is, what does it matter? This is America. Scott Olsen is still a hero who served his country in Iraq, and a hero does not deserve to be smeared in a desperate attempt to discredit a movement.

The attack on Scott Olsen is based on the right’s delusion that all soldiers are happy warriors, and nobody who serves ever leaves the military is disenchanted. It doesn’t matter whether Scott Olsen fits the right wing image of the superhero soldier. This man didn’t deserve to have his skull fractured by the police.

Don’t be distracted by the right’s games. Scott Olsen is still a hero for his service to his country and for standing with the protesters at Occupy Oakland. What I think is the most disgusting thing is, this right wing attack on a TWO TIME Iraq war veteran whose unit was attacked with IEDs.

It turns out that the right wing only stands and supports the troops if the troops fall inline with their narrow minded beliefs.

I support the troops regardless of their political ideology. I may disagree, like I disagree with U.S Senator Scott Brown and John McCain. I still respect their service and acknowledge them for their sacrifice.

The right love to wrap themselves in the flag and wear their lapel pins, but when someone like Jim Hoft, personally attacks a service member, it proves to me he has no respect for the men who protect his right to slander a war hero.

Scott Olsen didn’t fall in line with the “love” of the Corp but there is NO DOUBT he loves his country and his fellow Marines or he wouldn’t be standing in Oakland protesting and wouldn’t have sacrificed himself in Iraq!

Here is a picture of Talk Radio host Ken Pittman from WBSM calling the Marine Sgt from OWS, a Moron because he is defending OWS. I guess it just isn’t Scott Olsen they attack…it is ANY soldier who doesn’t hold their political views!

(This post has been updated from its original version to include additional information).

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