Glenn Beck Mocks OWS Marine and Keith Olbermann Tears Him A New One

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Glenn Beck landed in Keith Olbermann’s Worst Persons segment of mocking OWS marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas, but Olbermann didn’t just name Beck a Worst Person, he tore into him.

Here is the video:

After playing a clip Beck mocking Thomas and taking the NYPD’s side, Olbermann said, “Just remember, because you quit using drugs it doesn’t mean the brain goes back to the way it was before you started using drugs. To Mr. Beck it does not matter that Shamar Thomas served this county in the Marines in Iraq as his father and mother and stepfather and grandfather served this country. Shamar Thomas is a Marine. He was honorably discharged. He has actually seen brutality, not just opined about from a basement studio, and to Glenn Beck, he is just a guy. So to raise an old question, why does this fop Glenn Beck hate the troops?”

Beck’s comments do highlight how easily these so called patriots on the right smear the men and women who put their lives on the line for their country. It is always people like Glenn Beck who have never served who effortlessly demean the sacrifices of those who did serve for the purpose of partisan gain. You don’t have to agree with Scott Olsen or Shamar Thomas, but they deserve respect for what did for their country.

To those on the right, everything is about partisan politics. Their ideology has been taken to such an extreme that they view the world through a prism of not only us versus them, but also me versus you. Glenn Beck doesn’t agree with Occupy Wall Street so Sgt. Thomas must be mocked. There is no room in Beck’s mind to both respect Sgt. Thomas, and disagree with him.

We have seen this same treatment applied to the presidency. When George W. Bush was president those on the right told the rest of us that anyone who didn’t show proper respect to the presidency was not a patriot. However, this belief did not apply to Democratic presidents. As soon as Obama won the 2008 election, the right started demeaning and disrespecting the office of the president. These sorts of hypocrisies have become the expected norm from the right, but they have taken things to a new low by attacking the men and women who served their country and are now supporting Occupy Wall Street.

It might be too strong to accuse the people engaging in attacks against the veterans who are standing with the protesters of hating their country, but what should we call people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, who for selfish and partisan reasons, openly root against the nation that allowed them to achieve fortune and fame? It doesn’t seem very American to me, and the words of Glenn Beck demonstrate why the Occupy Wall Street protests are so important.

Americans like Sgt. Thomas don’t deserve to be mocked by an individual like Glenn Beck, who has taken so much from and given so little to his country.

Maybe, just maybe, there are troops serving their country in our armed forces right now who are tired of being shipped off to foreign lands to fight and die so that corporations and the 1% can enrich themselves even more.

Maybe these brave men and women are coming home from war, and they just want a job.

Maybe, these brave Americans are realizing that they, too, are the 99%.

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