This is Class Warfare But the Wealthy Drew First Blood On The 99%

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Systematically war was forged within the classes. The minions/politicians for the wealthy are propagating the thought that class warfare was brought on by the left, meanwhile the richer than God class was afforded tax breaks set to expire. While America was held hostage the President caved into their demands, thus extending them, but their supporters in the lower echelons of the classes still fight against their own best interests in order to best the 99%, which they are indeed a part of. Yes, we are in the midst of Class warfare but it was the wealthy, championed by Republicans that drew First Blood.

“Class warfare … may make for really good politics, but it makes for rotten economics,” Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., chairman of the House Budget Committee, told Fox News.

Paul Ryan the GOP’s economic savior stated this over President Obama’s tax plan. Former President Bush afforded tax cuts to the wealthy which has been a miserable failure, so their economic insight is highly flawed, or rather, they are persistent in backing flawed economics while at the same time they direct attention to the 99% as the causal factor in our economic woes.

The war on the middle class began with vigor, titled, ‘Citizens United’ which deemed Corporations as people. From there, women were thrown under the bus, with their health and choices undermined by self interest groups, religion, self-righteousness and the political climate in general.

Union rights were/are in siege, collective bargaining rights were put on the chopping block much to the glee of the right. Even with police and firefighters supporting protesters in Wisconsin, they applauded the attack on their rights. Being a teacher was once considered a noble profession, and suddenly they are now demonized as scam artists by the likes of the worst scam artist of them all, multi-multimillionaire Rush Limbaugh.

Then they went after minorities with a vengeance in order to take away their voting rights by pushing voter ID laws which Republican lawmakers passed across the country. This process systematically disenfranchised entire groups: the poor, college students and minorities, all with the purpose of neutering the Democratic vote. Republicans feigned to be vehemently supporting this law for the purpose of eliminating voter fraud even though it does not exist. In Tennessee, 96 year old Ms. Dorothy Cooper who has voted in every single election with the exception of one was denied her right to vote.

Similarly, the highly unpopular Governor Scott enacted Florida’s mandatory drug testing law. This law was supposedly set up to save money. Later, it was found to be ineffective after the results poured in concluding only 2% of those on welfare were abusing drugs. “>This law was temporarily blocked by Federal Judge Mary Scriven because it may violate the constitutional protection against improper search and seizures. Still yet, other Republican politicians are pushing for this law as well, thus proving this is not about ‘saving money.’

Never before have we witnessed the embattled middle class in such dismay due to the Tea Party lawmakers who came into recent power after winning control of the House. Congress has been held hostage by an extremist group called the Tea Party. The House Speaker is led around by his nose by this group of self deemed Constitutionalists in their bought and paid for movement, while disregarding the rights of so many. Our tumultuous economy indicates growing income inequality, yet the fight against the middle class is prospering tooth and nail.

Ron Paul himself stated, “the Tea Party is corporately owned.” Dr. Paul should know since the Tea Party was his idea, his movement, his baby, until it was hijacked by self interests groups.

Tea Pariters are the most vocal opponents of the Occupy movement. You’ve read the talking points with name calling and distasteful slurs, but it’s an inane jealously thriving in their inner being because their dwindling party’s 15 minutes are up and their governance has been an abysmal failure. So, the Occupiers are taking the streets, the buildings, the capitols and our hearts — this is democracy. This is what possibly can bring about real change.

They drew our blood by denying Ms. Cooper’s right to vote. They drew the peoples’ blood when they put stipulations into pregnancies. Making strict laws for women to have sonograms will be good for insurance companies, but never for the good and privacy of a woman who may want to end her pregnancy after incidents of rape or incest — but dammit, you must hear the heartbeat of your rapist’s offspring because it’s the Conservative thing to do. This summer, State lawmakers overrode North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue’s (D) veto to enact an anti-choice law that forces doctors to give a woman an ultrasound before the abortion procedure and “to describe her fetus in detail, including the size of its organs and limbs, whether she wants to hear it or not.” Yesterday, it was blocked. This is what our taxpayer dollars are spent on. This.

The Jobs bill was voted down and an unprecedented number of bills have been shot down and obstructed by Republicans but pay no attention because look, there’s a distraction!: “Where’s the birth certificate?”

It’s astounding to hear them state what they pursue is for the good of our calamitous economy while some of their lawmakers spend our money to end a nonexistent law. But, fuck, Shariah Law is coming, according to them. If we tax millionaires and billionaires they claim we’re trying to incite fear, but ‘Shariah Law is coming to America’ is not fear inducing. Military bases all over the world is not fear inducing to them. Taxing billionaires is fair, not fearful, but according to them, it’s inciting fear.

What kind of inane party is this that advocates small government but also desires our worldwide military presence to remain intact if not increased. Republicans don’t want the military touched no matter the cost but a woman’s body is under their command and Shariah Law is lurking nearby so let’s act on it.

Make no mistake about it, we’re in the midst of a devastating Class Warfare — which they started with no jobs created, yet the wealthy are becoming even wealthier while the 99% becomes vastly poorer.

Identifying the people that claim they do not comprehend what the Occupy movement is about, are the same ones working hard for the wealthiest to dominate politics and society, even to our detriment — to their detriment and to our economy’s. And now, the newest Conservative trend is a flat tax rate. This rate is a distraction. It shifts [once again] the burden onto the middle class, but phonetically it sounds great, just not economically.

This is war but let’s be prepared. Occupy everything and most of all, take your money out of the big banks on or before November 5th. At that point we can say we came armed — we used our intellect, not weapons.

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