Police Censor The Media As They Unleash Devastating Force On Occupy Oakland

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Coverage for the Occupy Oakland demonstration was just terminated coincidentally just as the police arrived on the scene — the only livestream available is without sound. According to various sources, the media has been told to turn off their cameras and depart the scene and they reportedly acquiesced.

Helicopters are overhead shining lights down upon the protesters in the streets during this chaotic moment.

Earlier in the day protesters were reportedly not resisting while they were arrested beginning around 5:00am after police surrounded the area, however, the police still found it necessary to fire a non-lethal projectile out of a shotgun and tear gas toward nonresistant protesters according to the Associated Press.

Tonight is the second show of Police force as they fired tear gas into the crowd yet again. Protesters are scattering and regrouping when possible at this time.

BoingBoing reports:

“8:10pm Pacific: Reports via Twitter that Oakland police are bringing out a “sound cannon,” a non-lethal weapon that shoots intense rays of sound to disperse crowds. Not sure yet if this is true. I’ve covered this for NPR and Boing Boing previously, and experienced a controlled test of it myself at a military location. The device is no joke. This reporter just confirmed the presence of an LRAD device on the scene, and OPD saying they intend to use it if crowd does not disperse.”

Tweets are pouring in with the hashtag #OccupyOakland detailing various tactics utilized by police including tear gas and rubber bullets. Injuries are reported by specifics are not known at this time.

“#occupyoakland attacked by 500 cops in suprise (sic) assault. tear gas, rubber bullets, shotguns, flash bang grenades. Many injured.”

Circulating the Internet is this picture of a woman in a wheel chair on the street engulfed in tear gas with the police surrounding her.

Another tweet states, “Sound cannon is being brought out. #occupyoakland.”


Choking in the background from the tear gas can be heard amidst the chaos with helicopter blades circulating overhead. Our right to dissent is now being pummeled and the outcome won’t be pretty for the perpetrators.

An idea cannot be arrested, silenced or erased. After being gassed by the police, protesters reconvened.

What you can do: Call the Mayor of Oakland: (510) 238-3141 – flood the Mayor with calls.

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