Jon Stewart Decodes The Message That Pat Robertson Didn’t Want You To Hear

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On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took about Pat Robertson’s surprising message to the GOP to tone it down, and found the message that Roberson and the Republicans don’t want you to hear.

Here’s the video from The Daily Show:

First Stewart had some fun with the mind-blowing idea that Pat Robertson is worried that the GOP is getting too extreme, “Pat, liberals are akin to Nazis believes the Republicans are staking out a position a position that is too extreme…That guy, the guy whose mind sees gay marriage, bestiality, and pedophilia and draws and equal sign between all of them. That guy, Pat the 2010 Haitian earthquake was caused by an early 19th Century deal Haitians made with the devil to gain their independence from France, Robertson. That guy…Pat Robertson the guy who said all those things we just showed you is telling Republicans tone it down. It would be like Facebook telling you TMI. That’s Internet lingo for too much information.”

Jon Stewart then asked the logical question why, “The question becomes why. Why is Pat Robertson a.k.a. that crazy f**king guy telling Republican presidential candidates to moderate their rhetoric?”

After playing a clip of Robertson saying that if Republican rhetoric gets too extreme they won’t be able to win an election, Jon Stewart decoded what Pat Robertson’s message really was, “Not the things you are saying are wrong, or things you are saying are bad policy, callous, or crazy, but that you’re right, but let’s just keep those our little secret. What he’s telling the GOP field is this, if you tell people what we honestly believe, an electoral majority of those people will freak the f**k out. He’s saying the first rule about Right Club, don’t talk about Right Club. By the way, and I want to make this very clear, the second rule about Right Club, make sure the duck consents.”

That was a nice catch by Jon Stewart. Nowhere in his remarks did this supposed man of God actually say that the right wing fringe that is currently driving the GOP is truck wrong. No, what Robertson said was, we have to keep quiet so that we can trick everyone else into voting for us. Pat Robertson has no problem with views of these candidates. He just doesn’t want those extremist positions to be verbalized out loud in front of other people who wouldn’t vote Republican if they knew about them.

Republicans have been playing this game with voters for years. The difference is that only one 2012 contender for their nomination, Mitt Romney, understands that if a Republican wants to be elected president, they can’t say what they really believe and support out loud.

This is why the GOP establishment is supporting Romney. They understand that while Romney is a bad candidate, he at least knows how to play the game. Even if Romney would be defeated, he wouldn’t drag down the rest of the party with him.

The problem for the establishment, and make no mistake about it Pat Robertson is deeply embedded in the GOP establishment, is that a majority of the people who are going to decide who the GOP nominee is, don’t care about winning the General Election. They really don’t like Mitt Romney and they are willing to support anybody, even Herman Cain, in order to make their displeasure known.

Robertson was trying to tell these GOP candidates that they are blowing it, but the truth is that this group of candidates don’t have a real chance at “it” anyway. The current leader of the field has been campaigning for president for almost five years and has seen his popularity remain flat. President Obama may have job approval rating issues, but he is still leading the Republican field for a couple of reasons. The American people still trust him, and the GOP field really is that bad.

Jon Stewart took Pat Robertson’s warning and delivered the message that you weren’t supposed to hear. The voters aren’t supposed to know that the Republican Party is now loaded to the gills with social, religious, and corporatist extremists. If the American people really knew how far out there the GOP field truly is, the Republicans would stand no chance in 2012.

Unfortunately for Pat Robertson and the GOP, Jon Stewart has let the cat out of the bag.

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