Fox News Breaks With Reality And Goes All Red Dawn To Smear Occupy Wall Street

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The 1980s are back, Fox News today where Fox and Friends made the claim today that Occupy Wall Street was really organized by a Red Army of socialists that has infiltrated the Democratic Party.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Fox News hosted World Net Daily’s Aaron Klein to plug his latest conspiracy theory book. Steve Doocy asked Klein what the connection was between the “Red Army” and the Occupy Wall Street protests. Klein answered, “It’s really all over, and it’s really hard to believe that somehow spontaneously these Occupy Wall Street…It’s very difficult to believe that somehow they came and they start to implement almost Saul Alinsky ideology to a T, Rules For Radicals, and in the book, in Red Army, we document the radicals behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.”

Doocy asked who they are, and Klein answered, “For example you have Stephen Lerner (a frequent villain in most economic right wing conspiracy theories) who is a well versed SEIU agitator extremely well versed in this kind of ideology, and their using his kind of tactics of blocking bridges as the template. And they talk about; by the way Wisconsin and how that was the template for Occupy Wall Street. Well actually one of the main agitators in Wisconsin is called The Midwest Academy. They’re seasoned Saul Alinsky ideology kind of radical network that was funded in the past by Barack Obama.

Klein pointed out that by Red Army he doesn’t mean communists. Of course, that would be silly. He is referring to the socialist element of the Democratic Party that has hijacked the party.

You know Fox News is really scraping the bottom of the barrel when they call on World Net Daily to smear Occupy Wall Street. Klein’s whole conspiracy theory is based on the idea that Occupy Wall Street just sprung up out of nowhere. The problem is that months of planning went into organizing Occupy Wall Street. Planning began in June for the September protest. Adbusters announced Occupy Wall Street on July 13, 2011.

What Fox News, Klein, and World Net Daily see as a conspiracy of the left that began in Wisconsin is really a popular movement that began as a reaction to years of oppression by the 1%. When Koch governor Scott Walker went after collective bargaining, the people responded. Wisconsin wasn’t a test run for Occupy Wall Street. It was the beginning of the people standing up for their rights.

This was Fox News’ most desperate smear job against Occupy Wall Street yet. When the right gets scared, they always take retreat in their conspiracy theory bubble. Fox News is doing their best to create an alternate reality explanation for these protests in order to make them go away. The one percent just can’t understand why these people are protesting. In order to explain it away and delegitimize the threat, they resort to fantasies like a vast socialist Red Army.

The presence of World Net Daily on Fox News is the biggest sign yet of how terrified the one percent really are. When the right can’t cope with reality, they always run straight for the comforting arms of World Net Daily.

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