Despite The Media’s Best Efforts Americans Still Support Occupy Wall Street

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In every protest movement’s history, there are indications that the underlying sentiment of the participants reflects a mindset that the general population either agrees with or opposes. The ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement has engendered support from various factions around the world who agree that the influence of corporations, banks, and Wall Street on government has gone too far and threatens the well-being of ordinary citizens. In America, the media has worked tirelessly and in concert with Republicans and financial institutions to portray the demonstrators as clueless trouble-makers who do not represent the general population. In many areas of the country, newspapers and local television stations have deliberately omitted coverage of the occupy movement to keep the public from learning that there are citizens railing against the institutions who, with Republican support, sank the economy and continue raping the economic life out of every aspect of society. A new poll reveals that the Occupy Wall Street movement does, in fact, represent a majority of Americans’ belief that corporate banking and financial interests are greedy and do not have the country’s best interest in mind.

The poll’s results, released Monday, portray the population’s disgust with the financial industry and signals that the occupy movement is on the right track in finally bringing about a change in the way this country operates. It also explains why Republican-controlled media has been complicit in suppressing news of the occupy movement and the protestors’ motives, and will spell doom for corporate influence on the government once the public is made aware of the mission of the demonstrations. This is good news for Americans who have lost all hope of ever escaping a life of declining incomes and a voice in government as well as the reign of terror being perpetrated by conservatives and their wealthy benefactors.

The CNN/ORC poll revealed that 32% of respondents had a favorable opinion of the Occupy Wall Street movement and 29% had an unfavorable opinion. The telling part of the poll was that 26% had never heard of the movement and 13% heard of it but had no opinion. What that means is that if the media had done their job, more Americans would agree that the greedy Wall Street bankers and brokers are not interested in doing what is best for the economy. The poll asked respondents what best described Wall Street bankers and brokers and 80% described them as greedy, and 65% said they were dishonest. Only 24% said Wall Street was community-minded and 77% agreed bankers and brokers were overpaid. The poll was conducted from October 14-16, and should frighten the life out of Republicans who champion Wall Street and corporate financial institutions as part of their “job creators” class of Americans that are beneficiaries of the GOP’s largesse at the expense of the American people.

One question in particular should give conservatives pause because 82% of respondents said the bankers and brokers were intelligent. It is obvious that they are intelligent, but what that informs the public is that they knew their actions are responsible for tanking the economy in 2007-2008, and are continuing along the same path today. The American people were angry their tax dollars bailed out Wall Street in 2008, and are more irate today that despite ruining the world’s economy, wealthy banks and investment firms are reaping greater profits and paying their leaders obscene bonuses and salaries for their malfeasance. All the while, Americans are losing their homes, their jobs, and any chance at ever regaining a semblance of a middle class existence as Republicans continue to advocate the same failed policies that allowed Wall Street to destroy America’s economy.

There is also the point that a majority of Americans wonder aloud why none of the Wall Street bankers ever faced prison time for their devious actions. Americans should be asking themselves why Republicans are hell-bent on repealing the banking and financial reforms President Obama and Democrats passed to prevent another devastating financial crisis that cost Americans their retirement savings as well as tank the economy of nearly every country on Earth.

It is apparent that the financial reforms are hampering dishonest, greedy, and overpaid bankers from continuing their shady practices the Republicans advocated and that makes them co-owners of the blame for allowing the economic crash to happen in the first place. It was, after all, Republicans’ deregulation rampage that enabled Wall Street and corporate banking interests to destroy the world’s economy during George W. Bush’s presidency and they want desperately to deregulate the industry again. Americans should understand that Republicans have promised to repeal banking reforms if they gain control of the White House and both houses of Congress so Wall Street banks and investors can continue their criminal activity. This time though, Republicans intend to give Wall Street Americans’ Social Security contributions so their retirement savings are in the hands of dishonest investment bankers and brokers.

The CNN/ORC poll vindicates the Occupy movement and should embolden them to continue moving forward with the knowledge that a majority of Americans share the same sentiment as the protestors. The longer the movement continues, the better the chances are that more Americans will learn that they are not alone in their distrust of corporate banks. The media’s refusal to report on the Occupy movement will be irrelevant when demonstrators begin moving into more cities and the American people see that the protestors reflect their views on how dangerous Wall Street is to the economy.

The other message the Occupy movement and Democrats need to take from the poll is the importance of transitioning the anti-corporate banking sentiment to the ballot box. Republicans have supported the banking industry and corporations at the expense of the people and that is the message Democrats must communicate to the voters, and thousands of protestors can share their mistrust and opposition to Wall Street with voters in every state. Polls are often good news, but for once this good news can impact the lives of Americans who are weary of corporate bankers, Wall Street, and Republicans ruining their lives. Republicans will certainly disregard the poll’s good news because they want nothing more than to give Wall Street more power to continue their reign of terror on America.



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