Jon Stewart Ridicules The GOP’s Criticism Of Obama Ending The War In Iraq

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On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart skewered the GOP for criticizing for the way President Obama is ending the war which they bungled in Iraq.

Here is the video from The Daily Show:

Stewart played clips of Romney, Graham, McCain, and Bachmann calling Obama’s pulling all the troops out of Iraq a failure, and said, “I mean, great, he’s bringing soldiers home. Then they’re gonna come and take our jobs. Yeah, what is Obama doing pulling all of troops out of Iraq by 2011? Whose stupid idea was that?”

(Video of Bush announcing the agreement that all the troops had to be out of Iraq by December 31, 2011.)

Stewart continued, “Oh, right. The Status of Forces Agreement Bush signed with the Iraqis. I wonder what the benchmark at the end of that agreement that he signed with the Iraqi government? Oh, here it is. All the United States forces shall withdraw from all the Iraqi territory by December 31, 2011.” Stewart pointed out that the media instead focused on the shoe throwing incident that occurred at the same event as Bush’s announcement.”

After a quick deconstruction of Michele Bachmann’s contradictory criticisms of Obama’s Iraq and Libya policies, The Daily Show host moved on to John McCain and Lindsey Graham calling Iraq a victory for the Iranians, and blaming Obama for finishing the job poorly.

Stewart replied to their criticisms by saying, “See, it was our job to start it badly. We did that. We were f**king idiots. His job is to finish it well. That’s just how things go. For the guys who bear a good amount of responsibility for getting us in the cluster***k to go all Statler and Waldorf on us, unacceptable!”

He continued,”This is like the captain of the Exxon Valdez standing around Alaska going, ‘Hey, you’re scrubbing the oil off those birds all wrong. You should be using steel wool and Ajax. I can’t believe you jackoffs are screwing up the environment like this.’ For God sake, in like three days Obama has taken us down from three wars to one. Is that what’s going on here? Are America’s hawks having empty nest syndrome? I know it’s hard when they grow up, but look on the bright side. We’ll always have Afghanistan.”

The Republican criticism of Obama’s decision to withdraw all the forces from Iraq is loaded to the gills with GOP hypocrisy. The Republicans are upset because Obama is carrying out an agreement that their president signed. They criticize successful operations where no ground troops are lost, but they also criticize Obama for cleaning up their mess in Iraq. Even when Obama carries out their policies, Republicans deem him a failure.

The GOP’s knee jerk Obama is a failure Tourette’s would be laughable if it wasn’t doing serious damage to this country. It doesn’t matter what Obama does, Republicans are going to keep hammering home their message that this president is a failure, because they think it will carry them to victory in 2012. If Obama rescued kittens from a tree, they would call him a failure because a leaf hit the ground.

As we head into the 2012 election, it’s clear that the Republican Party isn’t running for anything. They are running against Obama. This campaign strategy is a descendent of the mentality behind their obstructionist legislative stance. The GOP has gone from the Party of No to the campaign of no. It doesn’t matter to them if they look like fools in the process. It is all about hammering the message home that Obama is failure.

Jon Stewart was correct about McCain and Graham. If the decision was left to them, which it could have been had the 2008 election turned out differently, US troops would have never left Iraq. Instead of winding down wars, President McCain would have taken the Bush Doctrine to another level.

Everyone knows that the Republicans will never give Obama credit for anything, but rest of America that isn’t shamelessly trying to win an election should be happy that he is on the job and cleaning up their mess that George W. Bush left behind.

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