Mitch McConnell Blames Obama For The GOP’s Refusal To Create Jobs

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In every country there is an element of the population that has callous disregard for other people, and they are usually found spending the rest of their lives in penitentiaries or sitting on death row awaiting execution. Since 2009, some of America’s most callous individuals can be found in the Republican Party and there are none quite as vicious as Senator Mitch McConnell. For the past two years and nine months, McConnell has made no effort to help the economy or create jobs and has in fact done everything possible to cause damage to the country and the people he purports to represent. McConnell’s innate ability to lie to protect his wealthy contributors and their corporations has, at times, gone above and beyond the norm for Republicans, but he continues unabated because his stated goal of limiting President Obama to one term in office inspires him to spout fallacious drivel.

On Sunday, McConnell commented on the Senate Republicans blockage of part of the President’s jobs bill that saved or created jobs for teachers, firefighters, and police officers that would cost $35 billion and help every state in the Union. The Kentucky Republican said that it was not the role of the federal government to help fund first responders and educators in the states. McConnell also said that Republicans blocked the bill because of the surtax on millionaires and billionaires that were responsible for all the hiring they have done over the past two-and-a-half years. Well, he did not actually say that, but the insinuation was that small businesses would be prohibited from hiring if the bill had passed.

The interviewer, CNN’s Candy Crowley reminded McConnell of a recent Gallup/USA Today poll that found that 75 percent of Americans supported President Barack Obama’s plan to provide additional money for teachers, police and firefighters. Crowley asked McConnell how he justified Republican opposition to the will of the people and their support for the President’s jobs plan  and he said that he was sure Americans do support Obama’s plan but questioned whether the federal government “ought to be raising taxes in order to send money down to bail out states for whom firefighters and police work. They’re local and state employees. The question is whether the federal government can afford to be bailing out states. I think the answer is no.” Interesting sentiment from a vile Republican who supported bailing out banks when George W. Bush was president or giving welfare to oil companies, corporations, Israel, and 2% of the wealthiest Americans.

Crowley also told McConnell that Americans overwhelmingly support the surtax on millionaires and billionaires to fund the part of President Obama’s jobs plan for infrastructure improvements that would “help put people back to work on roads and bridges and rebuilding and that sort of thing,” Crowley noted. “It seems to me that politicians are always talking about doing the will of the American people, and that the Republican Party can be seen at least politically as going against that.” Apparently Crowley did her homework because the reply from McConnell was so fantastical that even a dysfunctional dolt would shake their head in utter disbelief. The turtle-turned-man said, “Yeah, these bills are designed on purpose not to pass, I mean, the president is deliberately trying to create an issue here. Look, the American people don’t think, I’m sure, that it’s a good idea.”  Well, if 75% of the American people think raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires by a prohibitive 0.5%, then wisdom dictates that Americans overwhelmingly do think it is a very good idea.

McConnell has consistently lied about the American people and what they think is a good idea or not forever, but especially when it is contrary to Republican policies. Republicans have opposed the will of the people when the subject of raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans is in question at every turn. McConnell should have been honest for once and just admitted what every American already knows; that he and his vile Republican cohorts want to keep Americans unemployed and destitute to save his precious billionaires and millionaires from paying an extra 0.5% in taxes to pay for teachers, firefighters, police officers, roads, and bridges that the wealthy use every day. McConnell smirked when he said the bills were designed on purpose not to pass as if he enjoyed lying to protect the wealthiest Americans. There is little doubt that McConnell actually believed the President’s jobs plan was designed to fail, and there is also no doubt whatsoever that he thought he was on Fox News speaking to a stupid audience that may actually believe the President of the United States was traveling the country promoting a plan to put millions of Americans back to work that he wanted to fail.

Americans are used to Republicans lying for sport and to see how many ignorant fools fall for their bovine excrement, but McConnell was lying and smiling because he enjoyed the thought of millions more Americans losing their jobs, homes, and quality of life they worked hard to build only to lose because Republicans hate the president. It is not just McConnell who is callous toward the American people, but he is the most visible with his turtle head on a man’s body. As leader of the Republicans in the Senate, McConnell assured the interviewer that the infrastructure bill will not pass because of the outrageous tax increase on the extremely wealthy. Perhaps McConnell expects a reward for prohibiting an 0.5% tax increase on the wealthy and he will certainly get plenty of campaign contributions for saving the wealthy from being sent into poverty with such an incredible tax increase. It is too bad that McConnell does not have the same level of compassion for the millions of Americans living in poverty, or the children in his state that go to bed and wake up hungry every day of their existence.

Mitch McConnell is a punk; a turtle-boy punk, but a punk all the same. A worthless fellatio for having the gall to say the President proposed a jobs plan that was designed on purpose not to pass. It is no small miracle that McConnell is not strung up for lying and purposely sending Americans to the poorhouse. At some point, when Americans are starving and living on the street without any hope of ever escaping abject poverty, lawlessness and desperation will drive some despondent father to take out their frustration on McConnell for purposely destroying the economy and obstructing legislation that would help them escape a life of poverty. If it does happen, one must wonder if turtle-boy will still have the callous smirk on his face.

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