Bill O’Reilly Admits That Fox News Is Waging A War Against Occupy Wall Street

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By trying to defend the Fox News smear campaign against Occupy Wall Street as self-defense, Bill O’Reilly accidentally admitted that Fox is waging war on the 99%.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

The real nugget amongst all of the usual Fox News smears against Occupy Wall Street was Bill O’Reilly trying to justify their attacks. O’Reilly said, “I’m an Independent, alright and I looked at this group in the beginning and gave them a shot, and wanted to know what they are all about, but once they started to attack our personnel here, including John Stossel and Geraldo and all of that. I said you know what? I don’t want any part of these people. I guarantee you 90%, 90% of Independent Americans want to say the same thing. We don’t like them. We don’t trust them. We think they’re radicals, and if anybody throws in with them, we are going to vote against that anybody.”

Watch what happened when Geraldo decided to broadcast live from Liberty Plaza:

When Gerald tried to talk to the crowd he got a nice F-bomb for his trouble:

O’Reilly’s was trying to make Fox News the victim, and thus provide justification for his network’s daily smear campaign against Occupy Wall Street. The problem with O’Reilly’s defense is that he has been attacking Occupying Wall Street for weeks prior to the Geraldo incident.

Here is O’Reilly on October 18:

Bill-o on October 6:

This attempt to play the victim was a set up by Fox News. Rivera went to Liberty Plaza knowing what kind of reaction Fox News would get. They got the reaction that they wanted from the crowd, which allowed Bill O’Reilly to go on the air and smear the 99% while at the same time claiming self-defense.

The most interesting thing about O’Reilly’s remarks is that he indirectly admitted that Fox News is engaged in a smear campaign against Occupy Wall Street. O’Reilly started out by talking about himself as an Independent, but he slipped in a reference to our personnel here, and made the issue us versus them. Notice how O’Reilly tried to lead his audience after he claimed that his Fox News colleagues were attacked? This is all part of the Fox News campaign to destroy Occupy Wall Street.

Fox News is at war with Occupy Wall Street. They consider this a battle. O’Reilly can try to spin it all he wants, but Fox News is losing.

Fox News isn’t just smearing the left when they attack Occupy Wall Street. They are insulting the left, right, and middle. In their fantasy, Occupy Wall Street is only a movement of the left, but the reality is that there are people of all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, ages, and political beliefs taking part in these protests, and Fox News has declared them all to be the enemy.

Anonymous has called Fox News a propaganda organization, and vowed to shut them down, but FNC is more than propaganda. Fox News is the voice of the one percent. They are the mainstream media troops who are trying to silence the 99%. One percenters like Bill O’Reilly are afraid of Occupy Wall Street, so they are using all their power to try to destroy it.

Occupy Wall Street is not only a threat to Wall Street. It is also a threat to media giants who make their money by feeding the American people an anesthetic of misinformation and fear. News Corp is the most powerful media company in the world, but they are being defeated because the 99% has had enough.

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