#OccupyPolice will be a Force to be Reckoned With

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The cataclysmic force of #OccupyMarines was United States Marine Corps. Sergeant Shamar
Thomas after boldly denouncing the abusive actions of the NYPD in an emotional plea which
can be seen in a video gone viral, viewed by over 2,215,000 people worldwide, as reported

Thomas’ plea was the inspiration behind Occupy Marines and now the movement is reaching
out to the police force while touting one as a hero.

“We are looking for this man, please help us find him. We don’t know much but what we do
know is, he’s an officer somewhere in the UK, and out of all the officers there, he is a lone hero in the crowd, we wanna lend him our support, any info please comment below or contact us at: Solidarity@OccupyPolice.org”

Using Sgt. Thomas-style tactics the movement is extending the Solidarity branch in form of
a website OccupyPolice.org while social site activists partake in helping effort along utilizing
Facebook and Twitter’s hashtag #OccupyPolice.

Occupy_Police tweeted

“Tired of the mass arrests, we’ve created a website for Police who support the 99 #OWS will
move forward with Police support #OccupyTogether”

It doesn’t take an economic analyst to comprehend what category our men and women in blue
fall in – they are the 99%.

“It’s been 24 hours since the launch of the Occupy Police Movement and we’re off to a good
start! We have some announcements regarding the upcoming week. The first is that we’re
going to hold a live online General Assembly on Monday from 8pm-9pm est. We’ll be fielding
questions and taking in, all of your input as to the direction of Occupy Police. This is the peoples movement and the course it runs is in your hands. We encourage officers from around the US to get involved.”

There is a clear distinction in the NYPD’s tactics; the White shirted officers were/are the
antagonists, pepper spraying peaceful protesters randomly while the Blue shirted officers look on, some of them in dismay. Anthony Balongna, the White shirted police commander who
blasted peaceful protesting females with pepper spray said he, “would do things the same
way” if given a second chance. Balogna may be a supervising officer but I doubt that will deter officers who do not outrank him from joining this spectacular grassroots movement representing the working middle class, which includes the police.

During the protests in Wisconsin the Police did not give in to their authoritarian Governor’s outrageous requests. Instead of bowing to Walker, they stood in solidarity with protesters who were demanding collective bargaining rights remain intact. Police were told to remove them but instead of kicking them out of the building the protesters ‘occupied,’ the police remained at night with them.

“We have been ordered by the legislature to kick you all out at 4:00 today. But we know what’s right from wrong. We will not be kicking anyone out, in fact, we will be sleeping here with you!”

‘We the People’ are represented in this nonpartisan movement and the strategy is to avoid
ostracizing the police but instead request that they join them in solidarity much like the
Wisconsin police did.

Thomas’ background speaks volumes on patriotism:

“Thomas comes from a long line of people who sacrifice for their country: Mother, Army Veteran (Iraq), Step father, Army, active duty (Afghanistan), Grand father, Air Force veteran (Vietnam), Great Grand Father Navy veteran (World War II).”

Go on, call this patriot a ‘dirty hippie’ but just do it to his face.

Fox News:

“There’s no political movement there. There’s no thirst for any kind of a political movement there. They wouldn’t have the backing of the American public.”

The movement has grown exponentially since that statement was made but Fox has remained
consistent in their denial.

On the 17th of September when I marched with the Occupiers, I ran into a young officer and
spoke with him, mostly in a joking manner. As I left I said, “Something tells me you would rather be protesting then to be policing the people”. He smiled, laughed, then nodded his head in agreement.

It’s only a matter of time that the good cops wake up because We the People are witnessing

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Image: Occupy Police

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