Herman Cain Might Be Anti-Choice But He Isn’t Pro-Life

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So Herman, can I call you Herb?

You stated “I’m 100% Pro-Life” correct? You might want to just agree with me on this one statement because I found it in your Twitter feed from your verified official Twitter account. Okay good, let’s continue this discussion even though you also added “End of story,” because it can’t be the end of the story.

Herman, I am not sure you quite understand that the position of President of the United States is a job where you answer to the people of the United States. You are not running for President of the United States Corporation. We’ll ignore the SCOTUS ruling that corporations are people too for the time being.

When you are running for public office, the expectation is that people will want to get to know you and understand your views and positions. When you tack on ‘end of story’ to a position statement you are attempting to shut down the conversation. Quite frankly Herman, you are no Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann and we the people are already suffering from Palin-fatigue. We are exhausted from trying to translate her words into English, and Bachmann is just comedy gold right now so we ignore her as well for now. As long as Republicans, and you are one, are trying to regulate women’s uteri, you will have to explain yourself to the people of the United States because not all of us agree with the Anti-Choice crowd.

It is past time for our voice to be heard.

How in the heck is it possible to be 100% Pro-Life? Who gets to decide whose ‘life’ is more important? The woman who may have other children at home who need her or is it her spouse who only wants a ‘son’ and doesn’t care about the little girls at home waiting for mommy to come home? Or in your world  is it the medical professional who is overworked and hates women? Or better yet, will you create a department in Homeland Security called the Uterus Patrol and require all medical professionals to call in to get governmental approval for a medically necessary abortion? Or will a woman’s neighbors and enemies call in to report a possible abortion so you can have them investigated and charged with a crime? I guess you could do that,  just market it as part of your “job creation” package.

In your mind it really doesn’t matter because I suspect that you are only in it for the sound bite and campaign cash that comes from the Anti-Choice radicals. Tell me this, who is going to care for the child? In your world, there are no social services left in place because we have to cut spending and balance the budget first. But if you are 100% Pro Life, why doesn’t the woman’s life matter or for that matter why don’t the children left behind when their mom dies matter 100%. Why doesn’t that woman’s possible future matter? Why doesn’t the child who will be forced to term for a woman who did not chose to be pregnant and cannot mentally accept that child matter? If you do not have in place a safety net that protects everyone, no matter their circumstances, then you have no right to force a woman or a child to conform to your beliefs.

You will veto any legislation that contains funds for Planned Parenthood as well? Why in the world would you do that? How can you be 100% Pro-Life when you would kill the funding for a program that provides health care services to millions of people who otherwise would not have access to health care? This decision alone would contribute to death of thousands who would not have had to die.

I suppose you are also all for the Constitutional amendment that states life begins at conception which would make all forms of birth control illegal?

How are you 100% Pro-Life when you made that completely insane statement about the electric fence between the United States and Mexico? So apparently you are only 100% Pro-Life when it comes to American Citizens not any of those pesky folks south of the border. I really shouldn’t have to tell you this, but you do know there are other ethnic groups in the US beside just white and black right? I am pretty sure Hispanic Americans aren’t too happy with you or your position, especially when you are advocating for the harming of their fellow man. Heck, Herman, I am not happy with you at all but that is really not the point right now.

Do you even have a clue where I am going with this Herman?

The correct answer when asked for your stance on abortion, woman’s health concerns and Planned Parenthood should be this: “The government has no business trying to regulate a woman’s uterus and should be supportive of its citizen’s right to make their own medical decisions. It is time to take politics out of the woman’s uterus and leave it right where it belongs in the hands of the woman.”

It is time to take the Anti-Choice Movement out of pockets of politicians and put it back under the rock it crawled out under. Until the government regulates a male’s penis and the choices men make with said penis, it is time to get the hell out of a woman’s uterus and back to the job at hand, no pun intended. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

When you say you are 100% pro-life and that is the “end of story,” you are quite mistaken. The birth of a child is just the beginning of the story, and you seem to want nothing to do with that part of the story.

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