Republicans Enlist Extremist Christians In Their War On Occupy Wall Street

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Jewish Occupier Danny "The Lotion Man" Cline

The Founding Fathers understood that in a representative democracy it was important for the people to think they had a voice in their country’s affairs and more importantly, to have an avenue to air their grievances. The first amendment gives the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and protests legality under the Constitution, but Republicans have sought every course possible to distort the peaceful demonstrations to protect their interests in the banking, corporate, and financial industry. The Republican propaganda machine has labeled the protestors as mobs of clueless and lazy trouble makers to no avail, and now they have brought out their big gun to engender anti-protest support from their sycophants in the Christian fundamentalist movement.

Anyone who monitors extremist Christians comprehends that if one wants to enrage the fanatical evangelical movement, all they need mention is abortion, atheism, or Israel. The latest attempt by Republicans to provoke anger from their base is to brand the protest movement as anti-Semitic. It is a cheap shot from sleazy Republicans that is unwarranted and meant to stir up discontent in the Christian and Jewish community. The GOP circulated a photograph and video of a young man identified as an “Occupy Wall Street” protester, and the claim was that he was berating a Jewish man. The inconvenient truth Republicans failed to disclose is that the vocal New Yorker is Danny “Lotion Man” Cline; he is Jewish.

The smear campaign began after more than 700 “Occupy Wall Street” protesters participated in Kol Nidre, the prayers that begin Yom Kippur, and similar events were held at “Occupy D.C.,” “Occupy Philadelphia” and “Occupy Boston.” The speakers at the Kol Nidre event met where the protestors were demonstrating to show their solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street group but the Republicans would never reveal the truth and instead focused on a couple of signs that may or may not be construed as anti-Semitic depending on how one views the truth. However, no human being can ever accuse Republicans of being truthful about anything they have ever said because, and forgive the reference, honesty is against their religion.

The claim of anti-Semitism is typical of another problem with conservatives, and that is their perpetual fascination with Israel. A few months ago when Israeli president Netanyahu was in America, the GOP went on a tear condemning President Obama of abandoning Israel when he proposed that to secure a permanent peace in the region, Israel and Palestine should sit down and hammer out a deal that included establishing the 1967 borders between the two countries. It didn’t matter that Presidents Clinton, Bush, and leaders in Israel agreed that recognizing the borders were key to a lasting peace; that did not stop the attacks on President Obama. Since then, Netanyahu himself has come out in support of Obama, Clinton, and Bush’s proposals but the GOP still refuses to stop their Israel-as-a-campaign issue rhetoric. Using the Wall Street protestors is just the latest instance of Republican’s pro-Israel rhetoric.

Americans should realize that this country stands by its allies 100% without exception. It is what this country has always done and the idea that the United States is not going to support Israel is absolutely ridiculous. There is cause to be angry, but any inspired rage should be leveled at the GOP for giving Israel preferential treatment while our citizens are suffering from Republican economic malfeasance. America gives Israel taxpayer dollars the country can ill-afford, and if Americans knew how much money the country gives to Israel while tens-of-millions of children go to bed hungry and live in abject poverty, they may be outraged. Of course, the evangelical movement would starve every man, woman, and child to support Israel and the Republicans know it and are pandering to the “end of the world” cult that hopes a final conflict between the forces of evil and god can be expedited if somehow, America can provoke a war involving Israel and Iran or some other Muslim nation.

As it stands now, Americans give Israel about $3 billion annually to fund 18% of Israel’s military. Here’s the outrage Americans need to comprehend. The $3 billion is deposited directly with the Federal Reserve for Israel and they collect interest on the money and use it to repay non-guaranteed loans we have given Israel. What that means is that beside funding 18% of Israel’s military budget, Americans are repaying loans we made to Israel. Supporting our allies is one thing, but taking taxpayer dollars to make Israel’s loan payments is the greatest outrage perpetrated on the American people since Republicans started handing out taxpayer dollars to the oil industry. If Republicans are so enamored with Israel, perhaps they could follow the lead of Israel in the way they are handling their national debt.

Republicans refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy to help create jobs, reduce the national debt, and rebuild the rapidly deteriorating infrastructure because they serve the wealthy industrialists at all costs. Israel though, has raised taxes on citizens making over $130,000 annually to pay off their debt as well as cut their defense budget by 5%, and if Republicans hold them in such high regard; why are they not following suit?

America will always defend Israel because this country stands by its allies; it is what we do as a matter-of-course. However, what has Israel ever done for America to deserve the level of financial support the taxpayer’s dollars provide? It is bad enough Americans are funding 18% of Israel’s military budget, but paying off their loans from us has to be the most obscene waste of taxpayer dollars yet. With unemployment at 9% and over 15% of the population living in poverty, this country cannot continue giving welfare to Israel any more than giving welfare to the wealthy and oil industry. At the very least, Israel can sit down for peace talks and concede to stop building settlements on Palestinian land. America was instrumental in helping Israel procure a homeland and they deserved to have a country to call their own, but Palestinians also deserve a homeland without Israel building settlements on their territory or blocking efforts to recognize Palestine as a country.

The Wall Street protestors are not anti-Semitic and if there may have been an isolated case of anti-Semitism, it was just that; an isolated case. If Jews in New York thought the  demonstrators and protests were anti-Semitic; why on Earth did they hold Kol Nidre, the prayers that begin Yom Kippur across the street to show their solidarity with the occupy movement? Republicans are looking for any reason to incite opposition to the protest movement that is against their moneyed interests on Wall Street, and they are certainly pandering to their evangelical extremist base. The evangelicals are laboring under the dysfunction that a conflict between Israel and Iran will start the war of Armageddon that begins the great “rapture” and the end of the world; Republicans are inciting the extremists for support in the 2012 elections. Willard Romney is among the Republicans pushing for a war with Iran by assembling a foreign policy team of advisors that helped George W. Bush start the war in Iraq, and their main talking point is that Iran will attack Israel so America should strike first or push Israel to attack Iran so America can join in a substantial war.

No one can blame Israel for taking America’s welfare or allowing taxpayers to make their loan payments for them. It is just good business to find an ignorant fool to give them free money and pay off their debts. But when our people are suffering and the country is slowly transforming into a dilapidated, second-rate nation, it is time to stop the Israeli welfare and focus on helping Americans.

Apparently, the Occupy Wall Street movement is worrisome to Republicans because as it grows and the media cannot ignore it any longer, they are resorting to their dirtiest trick yet by calling it anti-Semitic. Perhaps Republicans should go to Jewish leaders who presided over the Kol Nidre event and demand to know why they met across the street to show their solidarity with the protestors. They will not because any recognition of the truth by Republicans is contrary to their nature. However, regardless of the inclination to fabricate outrages, the Occupy movement will continue to gain momentum and Jews will continue meeting to show their solidarity. Now, if Republicans would only follow Israel’s lead and raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, it would not be so outrageous that Americans’ tax dollars are squandered on a strong, economically responsible ally. No-one will hold their breath though, because if there is one dependable aspect to Republicans, it is that they will continue robbing Americans’ tax dollars to give welfare to the people who need it least; Israel, the oil industry, and the wealthy.


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