The Gateway Pundit Falsely Ties Barney Frank To Occupy New Bedford

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It didn’t take long for my fellow broadcaster, Ken Pittman at AM 1420, to try and tie Occupy New Bedford to Congressman Barney Frank.

In an article by The Gateway Pundit they stated,

“Far left Rep. Barney Frank, the author of the Dodd-Frank Bill and one of the top villains behind the mortgage crisis, supports the Occupy Wall Street movement so much that his staff helped organize the Occupy New Bedford protest on Saturday. They even planned the protest or coincide with a Frank speaking engagement in the area.”

Frank has “been a great supporter of reforming Wall Street … and also has been a great supporter of cutting back on the military budget,” said Drolet, whose wife, Maria Ines Goncalves-Drolet, runs the congressman’s New Bedford office. source of quotes from Standard Times

This article hat tipped Ken at the end of the article.

So just because Richard is married to a staffer of Barney Frank automatically implicates that his OFFICE helped organized it.

His office didn’t have a hand in any of this. I spoke with Richard’s wife and she told me she had absolutely nothing to do with the protests. She not political at all. She doesn’t attend protests, nor does she organize them. Richard has his own life and she doesn’t inject herself into his political life at all.

In this blog post by Jack Spillane of the Standard Times, he lists the people in attendance.

More than a hundred people — including former New Bedford Mayor John Bullard; School Committee member and Coalition for Social Justice organizer Marlene Pollock; Ron Rheaume of the Southeastern Mass. carpenters union – gathered in front of the Bank of America for the first Occupy New Bedford rally on a picture-perfect October afternoon.

(OK, officially, it was called an “Occupy Wall Street-like” rally — whatever that is – and was sponsored jointly by the local progressive advocacy groups, the Coalition for Social Justice and Coalition Against Poverty. But there were lots of non-coalition people there and it was an Occupy New Bedford rally for all intents and purposes.)

Postal worker Richard Drolet, the head of the city Democratic Party, led the rally, giving it perhaps a more partisan tinge than the “Occupy …” movement has had in other cities.

So Drolet did have a hand in organizing this, but he is the head of the New Bedford Democratic City Committee and on the Board of Directors of the Coalition For Social Justice.

Richard was there on behalf and organized on behalf of the Coalition, not Barney Frank’s office.

Why didn’t Ken or Gateway say the Democratic City Committee organized it? Richard represents them directly, or how about the U.S. Postal Service, where Richard works.

But in a back handed way, they tried to insert the most hated Congressman by the right wing, into the mix due to Richard’s wife’s employment.

I thought that spouses were off limits in politics, unless they inject themselves into the conversation. I guess that isn’t the case when the right wing attacks Congressman Barney Frank.

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