Michael Moore Warns OWS Not To Fall For The Mainstream Media’s Trap

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On Countdown, Michael Moore warned Occupy Wall Street not to fall into the mainstream media trap of giving the media what they need instead of giving the people what they want.

Here is the video:

Keith Olbermann asked Michel Moore if there was a danger in Occupy Wall Street becoming more organized and be formalized. Moore answered, “Yes. I don’t think it should. I encouraged them. I just came from there ten minutes ago. I’m down there a lot and I put my two cents in, and I’ve encouraged them don’t fall for the trap that the mainstream media wants. Cause they’re demanding who’s the spokesperson here, and I tell them you’re are all the spokespeople. Who’s the leader? You’re all, we’re all, we all of us are the leaders, and don’t let this be a single issue thing, like let’s increase taxes on the rich. Well, yes that’s a good idea and we should do that, or let’s bring back Glass –Steagall. Yes, that’s a good idea, but don’t let the framework of this movement be determined by what the media needs. Let it be what the people want, and there’s all kinds of people down there wanting all kinds of things, and that’s great. That’s what it should be, and it should not lock on to any single issue.”

Part 2 of the Interview:

Moore is correct. I am not sure that I would call it a trap. The mainstream media is afraid of Occupy Wall Street because it is unconventional. They want to put the movement in an easily defined box. Once they define the movement, they can then diminish it. Giving the media what they want would be fatal. There is nothing to be gained by creating a structure with spokespeople and holding organized press conferences. If this ever happens Occupy Wall Street will be dead.

Occupy Wall Street doesn’t need a leader. What makes the movement special is that it has several leaders, local leaders who can work for both national change and change within their communities. Occupy Pittsburgh has called for the Pennsylvania Attorney General to investigate BNY Mellon for possibly overcharging pension funds by $2 billion. Individual Occupy movements might no longer have the freedom to protest local and state issues if the movement was centralized and focused on a handful of national goals.

Centralization is a way of diminishing and eventually destroying this movement. Where is it written that a populist movement has to limit themselves to a written set of 10 demands? The mainstream media wants to diminish Occupy Wall Street, and the fastest way to remove the threat is to try to make it adhere to mainstream conventions.

If Occupy Wall Street was centered on a strict set of goals and principles the movement would stop growing. It would become partisan and ideological. The secret behind the power of Occupy Wall Street is that it isn’t liberal or conservative. It belongs to no political party.

The mainstream is just as afraid as the rest of the one percent, and they are desperate to get Occupy Wall Street to play by their rules.

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