Koch Backed Ohio Union Busting Bill Heading For a Crushing Defeat

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A new PPP poll of Ohio released today found that by a margin of 56%-36%, respondents plan to vote against the state’s Koch pushed anti-union bill, SB 5.

PPP asked Ohioans if the election were held today would they vote to approve Senate Bill 5. By a margin of 56%-36% respondents stated that they would vote to reject the measure.

Before this poll was released, I had a chance to talk with We Are Ohio’s Melissa Fazekas who explained what SB 5 is all about, “SB 5 is an unfair, unsafe bill that will hurt Ohioans. It was passed earlier this year by extreme politicians who are out of touch with Ohio values. It attacks police officers, fire fighters, nurses and teachers. It fundamentally takes away their right to come to the table.”

I asked Fazekas where the financial support was coming from to fund the campaign to take away collective bargaining. She answered, “That’s a great question! We don’t know and neither do Ohioans because the SB 5 supporters did not file a campaign finance report.”

The Koch funded Ohio governor
has made the union busting bill the center piece of his administration. In response to the Republican passage of an unpopular piece of legislation that Gov. Kasich was excited to sign, the people mobilized, collected signatures and got SB 5 placed on the ballot. Thanks to Citizens United, outside money starts flooding the state in support of anti-collective bargaining bill.

We have seen this story too many times since the Citizens United ruling. Usually the outside money triumphs, but Ohio is different. The outside money may not only lose, but their campaign to destroy collective bargaining may drag Gov. Kasich down and power an Obama victory in the Buckeye state.

According to the PPP survey, Kasich is now the most unpopular governor in the country. More than half of the state’s respondents disapprove of the job he is doing (54%), and only 37% approve of Kasich’s actions as governor. If the 2010 election were to be held again, Democratic former Gov. Ted Strickland would crush Kasich, 54%-40%.

Outside money was barely able to save Republican control of the Wisconsin state senate, and history tells us that most controversial ballot measures are usually flooded with out of state conservative cash. California’s Prop 8 is a classic example of the power of outside cash. While the Koch brothers were wildly successful in getting far right governors elected in 2010, the will of the people has pushed back in 2011.

In Ohio the people are standing up for their rights, and they are poised to hand Gov. Kasich and his union busting Koch backers a resounding defeat on November 8.

Image: Cleveland Leader

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