CNN Uses GOP Debate Coverage To Spread Anti-Occupy Wall Street Propaganda

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During their post GOP debate coverage from Las Vegas last night, CNN took advantage of their large audience to spread anti-Occupy Wall Street propaganda.

Here is the video from Media Matters:


COOPER: Dana, I heard you scoffing when it was compared to the Tea Party.

LOESCH: There’s a couple of things. There’s a couple of things that I have to say. I disagree with the notion that this is anti- greed. Any movement that protests for a living wage, regardless of whether or not you’re employed — employed, is the epitome of greed, No. 1.

No. 2, there’s no — there’s no responsibility given to Washington at all whatsoever. This current administration is propped up by Wall Street. This is the Wall Street president. This president has received more from Goldman Sachs and the very entities that these protesters are out there protesting than any other president.

Three, I think the grassroots element in this has been hijacked already. One of the things that the Tea Party — the Tea Party had to deal with two fronts. The Tea Party fought against Republican establishment. I was very involved in New York 23. Newt Gingrich and I went round and round over Dede Scozzafava. I was — the establishment was not of me; still is not a fan of me.

And we also had to fight against progressives and progressive agenda, where you have the Occupy Wall Street, they have the endorsement of the president. They have the blessing of Nancy Pelosi. They’re also endorsed by the Nazi Party of the United States. They’re also endorsed by communists. These are things that we did not see with the Tea Party movement. So there’s another difference. I could go on and on and on, but those are the three major differences that I see between both of these movements.

Two days ago, the Anti-Defamation League put out a statement that debunked Loesch’s claim that Occupy Wall Street is an anti-Semitic movement. In part, the statement said, “As the focus of the demonstrations continue to develop and evolve, ensuring that the movement does not get hijacked by extremists or anti-Semitic elements is critical. Public rallies like OWS often draw a wide range of people with various personal or organizational agendas, including those seeking to exploit public rallies for their own purposes. The American Nazi Party, for example, expressed their support for OWS rallies in several cities via Twitter. Thus far, however, anti-Semitism has not gained traction more broadly with the protesters, nor is it representative of the larger movement at this time.”

Even worse Dana Loesch is a tea party organizer, and a contributor to CNN. In short CNN is not only providing a platform for someone to appear on their programming to spread false statements about Occupy Wall Street, but they are also paying her to do it. There was no correction by her fellow panelists, or host Anderson Cooper. Millions of people heard Loesch’s propaganda go unchallenged.

Occupy Wall Street is up against a corporate media that is desperate to see them fail. CNN has completely sold out to the right, and they are completely selling out the American people by spreading right wing propaganda about Occupy Wall Street.


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