Occupy Wall Street Marine, ‘This Is Our Time To Change The Greed in America’

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Sgt. Shamar Thomas, the Marine vet who recently gave a reality check to the NYPD at Occupy Wall Street last weekend, was on Countdown tonight where he told Keith Olbermann, “This is our time to change the greed in America.”

Here is video of Sgt. Thomas in Times Square on Saturday:

Sgt. Thomas on Countdown tonight:

After Sgt. Thomas made some great points about how the protesters aren’t violent and this really isn’t a battle, Keith Olbermann asked him about if he supported the messages behind Occupy Wall Street. Thomas answered, “I support everybody’s view. I tell people all the time that I’m not a part of any political party. I’m not a part of any group or anything like that. I’m an American citizen.”

Olbermann followed up by asking him what the movement meant to him, “What this means to me is that this is our time and our generation to change the greed that is in America. Like both of my parents are twenty plus years in America, and they have to find jobs now, and it’s like I recruited for the Marines for four months and it’s like I taught kids to come join the Marines, so it’s like come join the Marines, so it’s like come join the Marines, and then what are you going to do after you get out of the Marines? You know what I mean? So it’s like we don’t there’s no place for us to go now. You know what I’m saying?”

Sgt. Thomas said he wears his uniform in order to inspire veterans to come out, because the protests aren’t about a chain of command. They are about a way of life.

There needs to be more media coverage about Occupy Wall Street like this interview with Sgt. Thomas. In a few minutes, Sgt. Shamar Thomas was able to debunk much of the misinformation being circulated and spread by right wing media about Occupy Wall Street. Thomas pointed out that the protesters aren’t violent.They aren’t a threat. His own presence made it clear that Occupy Wall Street isn’t a Democratic Party operation based on partisan politics.

It is a people based movement. People like Sgt. Shamar Thomas are standing up all over the world against corruption and greed. Sgt. Thomas’ personal story has much in common with many of the people who are protesting. These are young people who can’t find a job. They have seen their parents lose their jobs, or be unable to find work, and they know what the problem is and where the blame rests.

As Thomas put it, this is his generation’s time to change the greed in America. The Occupy Wall Street protesters aren’t Marxists and socialists. This is a protest based on values, not political ideology. The protesters are part of a generation that isn’t buying into the greed is good mindset that the rich have been selling as trickle down prosperity for decades.

Sgt. Thomas has seen combat. They know the difference between a threat to their country and patriots who are exercising their constitutionally protected rights. It is interesting that the Republican lust for war has created an entire generation or war hardened, experienced beyond their years young Americans. These people aren’t going to be pushed around, and if more vets are inspired by Sgt. Thomas to join this movement, they won’t be stopped.

The people who are taking part in Occupy Wall Street love their country so much that they are taking to the streets to try to fix it.

If that isn’t the definition of a patriot, then I don’t know what is.

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