House GOP Won’t Allow Jobs Bill Vote But Spends Taxpayer Cash Defending DOMA

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During the campaign for the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans stressed that their focus in the 112th session of Congress would be jobs, jobs, jobs, and in keeping with their predilection to lying, they have not made any effort to create jobs or help the economy. What they have done for nine months besides kill jobs and damage economic recovery is obey one of their two masters with religious fervor reminiscent of Islamic extremists in Afghanistan. The GOP has faithfully complied with the Koch brothers’ libertarian mandates, but their corporatist agenda takes a backseat to their work for evangelical Christians.

There is an absolute connection between the Republicans’ Draconian spending cuts and evangelical Christians that was briefly commented on yesterday in this column, but beyond cutting services and programs that assist the poor, children, and elderly Americans, there has been a decidedly focused effort to enforce biblical edicts on the entire country. Earlier this year, Republicans attempted to redefine rape in order to restrict victims of sexual assault from getting abortions. Republicans are still attempting to defund and eliminate Planned Parenthood regardless that federal law prohibits any federal money from being used for abortion services, or that only 3% of their services was for abortions. A couple of days ago, the House passed a bill that restricts private insurance from offering abortion services in a move to ban the legal medical procedure at the behest of Catholics.

In February, President Obama instructed Attorney General Eric Holder to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act because it was unconstitutional and therefore indefensible. In March, John Boehner decided that if the Justice Department was going to follow the president’s instructions, then he would use his Congressional authority to hire a private law firm to defend it on behalf of the House because evangelical Christians control John Boehner. It is bad enough that Boehner is using taxpayer money to defend an unconstitutional law, but last week at the Christian Values Voter Summit he threatened to take money from the Justice Department to defend DOMA. He told an audience at the Christian event, “We’re going to take the money away from the Justice Department, who’s supposed to enforce it, and we’ll use it to enforce the law.”

It is unconscionable that House Republicans led by Eric Cantor refused to allow a vote on President Obama’s jobs bill because they claim it is too costly, but they have no problem using taxpayer dollars to hire a private law firm to defend DOMA. Recently, Republican leaders in the House raised the tax cap limit to $1.5 million to defend the law. John Boehner has consistently claimed America is broke and cannot afford programs for the poor and disadvantaged, but he has no problem wasting taxpayer dollars to please Christians. Boehner also made a ridiculous contention recently that gays are politically powerful and influential and because of this power, they do not meet the legal criteria for groups such as racial minorities and women who receive heightened protection from discrimination. The argument was made in a filing Friday in San Francisco’s U.S. District Court by lawyers defending DOMA for Boehner and evangelical Christians.

Although it is despicable that Boehner seeks to maintain the level of discrimination against gays and their right to marry the person they love out of allegiance and obedience to conservative Christians, it is the fact that Republicans have spent nine months enforcing and imposing religious edicts on the nation instead of creating jobs or helping the economy. John Boehner should understand the simple concept of separation of church and state, and that he was elected to work for the American people by passing legislation to strengthen the economy and create jobs, but he obviously has made the conscious decision to work for the bible and the clergy instead of his constituents.

Everything Republicans have done since the start of the 112th congress is the religious right’s agenda and that includes spending cuts aimed at science, the poor, and especially women and their right to choose their reproductive health. In states with Republican majorities, the bible-based assault on women, gays, and science in general have surpassed the Republican-controlled House and as they gain momentum, it looks as if a theocratic takeover looms large. The personhood amendments being promoted by groups like the AFA threaten to take states back to the Dark Ages unless there is a sanity intervention, and nationwide, the war on contraception seriously threatens to affect every woman in America. There is another factor that has allowed extremist Christians to gain dominance in this country and it is the media’s omission of coverage of religious imposition on Americans.

There are millions of Americans who have no idea that Republicans are assailing birth control for the Catholic Church or the personhood amendments that are being proposed in more than half the states. At least there is a reason the media refuse to cover and report on Republican’s cozy relationship with corporations and the wealthy, but their reluctance to report evangelical Christian’s control over Republicans does not completely make sense. It begs the question; have Dominionists finally wrestled control of the media like they have planned for years? The religious right is a powerful and wealthy enterprise, but their proposed biblical control of the media cannot be good for networks’ profit margin, and Americans are not apt to tolerate seeing televangelists spout bible rhetoric 24 hours-a-day.  Still, there is little-to-no reporting on extremist Christians and their imposition of bible rules on the government whether at the state or federal level, and the media’s failure is giving Dominionists more power with every biblical law that is not reported.

This country is rapidly slipping into a dark period where an evangelical Inquisition becomes more viable with every scriptural law Republicans support whether in Congress or the states. The Republicans cannot claim ignorance because they purposely pander to the religious right for votes, and it appears that many Christian conservatives in Congress intend on some form of theocratic rule to keep control of the country. There are many Christian groups who claim they oppose the fundamentalist element in their religion, but they have been silent just like Centrist-leaning Republicans who claim their party has been hijacked by teabags and neo-conservatives.

Whether it is out of cowardice or acquiescence, the failure to speak out against Republicans legislating the bible is just as bad as supporting a theocratic takeover. Regardless if it is John Boehner and Republicans promoting religious edicts or moderate Christians hiding and keeping silent, America has never been closer to becoming ruled by fanatical Christians. This year it is Boehner defending DOMA and defunding Planned Parenthood, but that is just the beginning and unless Republican attempts to force the bible on every person in America are stopped soon, no person in this country will be safe. Actually, many of us are not safe now and after those willing to speak out are murdered, the theocratic takeover will be swift and complete. No American can ever say they were not warned; consider this warning seriously because at the rate the Christian extremists are advancing, it may well be the last one from this author.


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