Sean Hannity and Fox News Have A Transference Problem

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Here is an interesting tidbit from Spewmaster Sean Hannity, the King of Hypocrites. In a Tweet dated Friday, 10/14 at 7:49 PM he wrote:

“13 months away from the election and Democrats are angry and spewing vile rhetoric.”

It is difficult to know exactly what Hannity is talking about here (admittedly a common problem with Hannity). His previous Tweets give nothing away and if you go to you don’t see a lot that would explain it either. There is no big piece dating from right before this Tweet to explain it or give it context.

Okay, okay, asking for context from Republicans is like asking for snow on the equator. But c’mon. Even for a hypocrite like Hannity this is frustrating.

There is no doubt Democrats are angry. But Republicans have been angry since…oh, at least back to FDR, but especially virulent since 2008 when God didn’t keep his promise to give America over to Republican dominion forever.

Now there is no doubt at all that the rhetoric gets vile at times on both sides of the political spectrum, but the outpouring of sheer hate and bigotry coming from Hannity’s own side and especially his own network is unprecedented. I mean, this is a classic case of transference and of accusing the other guy of that which you yourself are guilty.

Republicans like Hannity get angry at Democrats not only over things they have done or said, but things they have not done or said, because if the Democrats have done or said nothing to generate anger, Republicans reinterpret actions or words, or failing that, simply invent something out of whole cloth that they can express outrage against.

The levels of hatred, bigotry, racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, intolerance, and outright dishonesty is breathtaking, as is the hatred expressed in Republican legislation  since Barack Obama’s election in 2008.

I’m aware of plenty of anger – well justified anger – but what I am not aware of is “vile rhetoric” – except on the part of Republicans, including Hannity himself. Look at the vitriol directed against Barack Obama – not really an American, watermelon patches around the White House, “Barack the Magic Negro”, not “one of us”, a Muslim, a communist, a Nazi – hell, he’s not even a genuine black man! And don’t get me started on the vile attacks on the Occupy Wall Street movement (but for a start, what about Breitbart’s sleazy attack?)

It would be too much at this late date to expect honesty out of Hannity but if he knows of some “vile” Democratic rhetoric, then he owes it to us to tell us what it is, rather than just leaving it as a provocative remark with which to end his working week.

But actual news is not what people like Hannity – or anyone else at FOX News – is about. Hannity is in the business of anger, of stoking righteous indignation among the Republican rank and file, and he is quite good at that, because he knows, as we know, that his listeners are not the discerning type, no more than are those of Limbaugh, Coulter, Beck, or any number of other conservative pundits.

He knows his audience will simply lap it up and go into the weekend mad as hell at those Democrats they are too incurious to investigate. It’s enough to know that they’re vile. It ties in nicely with their preconceptions, and with everything else they hear from Hannity.

So hope you’re having a good weekend, Sean; you’re the one – thankfully – that has to live with you and your vile soul.

Is that provocative enough?




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