Rupert Murdoch Deploys His Minions To CNN To Smear Occupy Wall Street

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Not content with their multi-platform smear campaign against Occupy Wall Street, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp had friends and employees on CNN today to attack and smear the protests.

Here is the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens claiming that Occupy Wall Street is anarchy:

Stephens said,

Well, the crisis also has a lot to do with the political allocation of capital, thanks to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and various government interventions on behalf of various kinds of not only lenders but borrowers.

But I want to just push back on another point. Before you sort of make – assert the premise that this is a populist movement that’s taking place on Wall Street, I lived down there. I don’t know if any of you have actually gone to Zuccotti Park and chatted with – with some of these guys.

This is not populism, this is maybe anarchism or something entirely – entirely different, but what you don’t find down there is sort of really a populist movement. You find sort of 9/11 truthers, you find people – by the way, take down the Fed is one of the – is one of the slogans of – of some of these people…And I wonder – I wonder about the wisdom of the Democratic Party or its partisans tying their carriage to this particular movement, because it doesn’t strike me as representing anyone except the same kind of extreme fringe that you find at, you know, Ramsey Clark marches.

Steve Forbes was also a guest on Fareed Zakaria’s show, and he claimed that Occupy Wall Street isn’t as strong as the tea party and the financial collapse was all the government’s fault, “So far they haven’t had the volume the Tea Party’s had, and there – like what – about the Tea Parties is they went to what they considered the real source of the problem, which was Washington, D.C. And just to get one last thing on the Fed, it is the most boring subject in the world, and I don’t want to erode your ratings. But the bottom line is you could not have had a housing boom of this scale you had if you hadn’t had that easy money. We saw this in the 1970s. Again, you know, excess oil profits and the like; huge, spectacular busts afterwards. Again, the Fed’s got to get it right. And I think Bret is right. If you didn’t have Fannie and Freddie, $1.5 trillion of – guaranteed of junk paper, it could not have reached the scale that it did.”

This is the same Steve Forbes who in the middle of the News Corp phone hacking scandal wrote a three page essay in Forbes titled, “Why Rupert Murdoch Will Survive and Thrive Again.” Forbes concludes like Murdoch like all great leaders was facing a challenge from people who want to destroy him, but he will eventually persevere and thrive, because he deserves to.

It is not surprising that a News Corp employee like Bret Stephens would go on CNN and spout the company line. It is not surprising that TeaNN would host him, but it does show just how far the one percent are willing to go to get their message out and shut down these protests.

This story is an example of what Occupy Wall Street is up against. The News Corp smears of the protests are seeping into other media streams and reaching viewers who might not watch Fox News or read a News Corp publication. Since their attempts to squash the protests through their own platform have not worked, they are going to try to get the message on as many different media platforms as possible.

Occupy Wall Street is a grassroots populist movement that is spreading like wildfire around the globe. News Corp and all the corporate media are pulling out all the stops, but word of mouth will always overcome televised talking points.

The ninety nine percent are winning, and Rupert Murdoch is running out of tricks.

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