God Bless America And Save It From The GOP

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The phrase God Bless America comes to mind often these days–for two reasons. First, Republicans love to say that rather than focusing on the work that needs to be done. Second, divine intervention represents the greatest hope for many Americans because of the way that Republicans shirk their responsibility of governing.

A Gallup Survey reveals that there are more Americans than Chinese struggling to afford food, but it’s business as usual for Republicans. Instead of focusing on jobs and the economy, Republicans continue to attack abortion, push to lower taxes for the rich, and promote reducing regulations for businesses.

The Protect Life Act, put forth by the Republicans, would amend the Affordable Care Act to prevent any health care coverage related to abortions even though the Hyde Amendment, which restricts most medical coverage of abortions, remains in effect.

In other words, anti-abortion Republicans consider it more important to close loopholes that may not exist in President Obama’s health care law than to focus on jobs. Either that, or they’re simply trying to appeal to the people who already support them even when legislation isn’t even needed on a given topic.

As far as taxes, an analysis of Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan indicates that Warren Buffet would  likely pay no income tax at all. Buffet, of course, is the billionaire who is often used as the example of the inequity of the current tax system since he pays a lower tax rate than his employees.

But a grossly unfair tax system isn’t unfair enough for today’s Republicans. We need to slant it more in favor of the ultra-rich, and Republican Cain is the leader of this movement.

Meanwhile, one of the main reasons for wanting to reduce or eliminate regulation on business given by Republican presidential candidates is that it regulation reduces the number of jobs. Even though a reduction in jobs might be better than unregulated businesses in some cases (think nuclear energy!!), the Republican theory is simply not true.

Do you really think a few inconvenient facts will keep pro-business Republican hopefuls like Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain from talking about “job-killing regulations?” They’re not interested in facts; they’re interested in helping the bottom line in businesses.

God Bless America.

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