15,000-50,000 Occupy Wall Street Protesters Have Flooded Times Square

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There are unconfirmed estimates that as few as 15,000 or as many as 50,000 Occupy Wall Street protesters have flooded into Times Square.

The Global Day of Action is has been the biggest day yet for the Occupy Wall Street movement. In their live updates on their official blog, Occupy Wall Street posted that unconfirmed estimates placed the size of the crowd in Times Square at potentially low as 15,000 or as high as 50,000. I am not sure which estimate is correct or not, but it is clear that this is the biggest attendance day yet for Occupy Wall Street.

ABC News is reporting
that, “Thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters took their act to Broadway today, marching from downtown Manhattan to Times Square, as the movement went global with demonstrations in major cities around the world.”

Here is video of crowd in Times Square taken from an overhead view:

You can see from the video that there are thousands of people there, and most likely tens of thousands of people would be a safe estimate. Unconfirmed attendance numbers can range from credible to subjective to flat out fantasy, but the photos and video from today provide strong evidence of the size of the crowd. It is difficult to determine whether that crowd is 15,000 or 50,000 strong, but what can be denied is that this is the biggest crowd yet for an Occupy Wall Street protest.

The AP is reporting that 45 demonstrators have been arrested in Times Square, and with more police arriving on the scene, it would be surprising if there were more arrests in Times Square before the night is over. Now that Occupy Wall Street can no longer be denied, the mainstream media has decided that the protests are fit for coverage. The Associated Press, CBS, ABC, CNN, and the Washington Post are among the many corporate media outlets who are now covering these protests.

Much of the media coverage has rightly focused on the fact that Occupy Wall Street has gone global, but the incredible growth of this movement here at home should not be overlooked. In less than a month, Occupy Wall Street has grown from a movement of a thousand or so people to tens of thousands of people in New York City, and countless thousands more in cities and towns across America and around the world.

Occupy Wall Street has tapped into deep collective emotions that have been brewing for years and in places decades. I view the 99% as a group of people who have been pushed too far. The one percent has taken their jobs, their homes, their futures, their retirements, but they still aren’t satisfied. The Occupy Wall Street movement is about taking a stand against inequality and corruption. Occupy Wall Street is about the people standing up with one voice and saying to those who have the corrupted our business and our politics, “No more.”

It is indicative of the strength of this movement that after the one percent tried to evict Occupy Wall Street from Liberty Plaza more people than ever before have risen up to stand beside them. The greed and corruption of the one percent only serves to strengthen the ninety nine.

Their power is growing and the voices of Occupy Wall Street can no longer be ignored.

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