The Family Research Council Tries To Pray Away Occupy Wall Street

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In the Evangelical Family Research Council website, there is a ‘Prayer Team’ page where what they perceive as the paradigm of righteousness in battling the evils of America typically centers on homosexuality, while defending DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act] with vigor.

The FRC typically clumps together their stereotypical views of the vast gay community and vehemently they ‘doth protest too much.’  But now this religious right, tea party loving group has branched out, targeting the Occupy Wall Street protesters in an attempt to pray them away.

Their stance is usually one of, ‘liberals are attacking your family, values and freedoms‘ while they attack the freedom of anyone not like them — in actuality, their extreme group gives us more credibility with each and every hissy fit.

The best they can come up with is reminiscent of Michele & Marcus Bachmann’s clinic in which they attempt to cure homosexuality by praying it away:

“Days of Rage/Occupy Wall Street — The sixties-style tent city protest, which seemed to fizzle after its September 17 launch, now has momentum and is expanding to cities across the nation, including Washington, D.C. Organizers of the movement (e.g. ACORN, labor unions, and other far-left leaders and groups) have been given new life by the sycophant liberal media, Hollywood celebrities and leading Democrats in Washington, including President Obama. Six arrests were made when one hundred demonstrators conducted an illegal demonstration inside a Senate office building (see Gullible, Who’s Behind it?, Official Website, Senate Building).

• May God prevent these radical organizers from stirring revolution and distracting voters from the elections and keeping watch on our elected leaders (Num 16:1-14; Is 1:4-6; Pr 12:11-12; Mt 26:41; Eph 4:28; 1 Tim 6:3-10; Heb 13:5-6).”

It’s disturbing that avid supporters of the Tea Party find dissent to be ‘radical’ and unfortunately it’s not atypical. Our Constitution protects us in order that we can speak freely and assemble. Selective memory is not lacking with this group while forgetting the rallies in which enraged voters descended on Washington carrying guns while wearing revolutionary garb, with teabags hanging off the brim of their hats. Yet, the FRC perceives OWS protesters as ‘radical.’

Their religious right based rhetoric which they would love to implement into American politics and the government is nothing short of their desire to create their own theocratic utopia.

Creating and perpetuating falsities in order to demonize the OWS movement is behavior not unusual to them, but OWS is not organized by the nonexistent ACORN, labor unions and ‘other far left groups’ which they threw into the mix expressly for the fear factor. In fact, all were and are welcome to join the protest in order to combat the greed we are witnessing on Wall Street and in politics.

Blatant lies are perpetrated, which are seen in comment threads and as expected, it’s infested and possibly created by their favorite cable news show, which is indeed ‘radical.’   Fox News, the GOP campaign machine, promoted the Tea Party daily as if they were the proponents of the movement.

OWS was born on the Internet, namely Twitter and Facebook, not George Soros, unions or ACORN. We are disillusioned with what we’re witnessing. What defines ‘radical’ is that they see no cause for this movement, yet we should accept the Tea Party when they went into a fury immediately after President Obama was sworn in – not before when George W. Bush brought this country to its economic  knees. The reason for Tea Party anger was expressly, Obama raising taxes when in fact he did not.

What is radical is the Family Research Council, who thought the GOP’s ‘Pledge to America’ didn’t specify the supposed dangers of same sex marriage enough.

What is radical is giving into the obscure thinking that any of us have the right to lord over who can live their lives together and who cannot.

What is radical is the GOP we have witnessed recently with their incessant pledge signing which promotes homophobia.

What is radical is when the health care bill was passed, a militia leader instigated their base to break Democratic Party windows — and they did.

Yes, this is radical:

“We can break their windows,” he said. “Break them NOW. And if we do a proper job, if we break the windows of hundreds, thousands, of Democrat party headquarters across this country, we might just wake up enough of them to make defending ourselves at the muzzle of a rifle unnecessary.”

They should direct their prayers toward themselves.

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