What Do You Think Of A Huntsman/Roemer Independent Ticket?

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There are two former governors that don’t really have a chance to become the nominee of the GOP but they could make some major waves if they decide to team up and run as an independent ticket. Those two governors are Jon Huntsman and Buddy Roemer, two Republicans who are not in alignment with their party at all.

Both Buddy Roemer and Jon Huntsman seem to be heading into the populist realm of politics. Buddy has visited Occupy Wall Street and spoke with the protesters there about the influence money has in our government and politics. He has also discussed, extensively, the need for reforming our trade laws, specifically getting rid of Free Trade and replacing it with Fair Trade.

Along the lines of the financial sector is where I can see these two candidates making some headway. Buddy Roemer has stated on WBSM during my interview with him that we need to implement Glass Steagall again

Jon Huntsman, after the GOP debate in Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, said

“I want to return to the spirit of Glass Steagall,” Huntsman said after tonight’s debate. “You’ve got to look at, fundamentally look at, downsizing some of our banks, looking at some sort of a cap requirement on the size of things. When you have financial institutions of which there are six and any one of them collapsing could cause such dire reverberations in the global economy that it could be catastrophic, it becomes too big to fail.”

“Not Glass-Steagall from the 1930s but something in the spirit of Glass-Steagall, something that would ultimately right-size banks,” he added.

according to Huffington Post

If we want to make this country better, we need real reform of the way Wall Street is regulated, and one way is to get their moneyed influence out of Washington DC. The other way will be to break up these too big to fail banks, which were enabled by the free market. Only government regulations can break up monopolies and trusts the free market created. With the amount of consolidated capital Wall Street has the big banks can swoop in and buy out the smaller banks. By breaking up investment houses and commercial banks we can once again have a stable financial market, as America had from the 1940s to 1980s.

Roemer and Huntsman will be able to take  these monstrous corporations head on. They seem to have the same goals in mind, fairer economy. Both candidates have expressed the need to shut down loopholes, challenge China and attack Wall Street barons who have bought our government. I think this is a good ticket, but the message can only be brought to the population if Roemer leaves the GOP and Huntsman follows. These are the only two candidates really talking about serious Wall Street reforms.

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