Mitt Romney Is Nothing More Than George W. Bush With Magic Underwear

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The one constant in the history of the world that is most responsible for humankind’s transformation from cave-dwelling prehistoric people into societal civilizations is progress. It does not matter whether progress was in science, agriculture, transportation, or communication, moving forward and not stagnating or going backward has improved the quality of life for all people on the planet.

America became the greatest nation on Earth because its citizens embraced change and refused to reject electricity, motorized transportation, air flight, and fighting with spears and muskets. Conservatives tend to reject change and prefer to stagnate in mediocrity by clinging to the past and whenever possible, they attempt to move the country backward to dark times when their heroes and gods kept the people in a state of perpetual despair because it is, in their eyes, better for people to languish in desolation than prosper and thrive.

Republicans have kept 99% of the people under the wealthy and their corporations’ boots since 2001, and they are furious that President Obama is attempting to improve the quality of life by moving the country forward again with infrastructure improvements and asking the wealthy to pay their share with a small tax increase. The GOP is hell-bent on returning to the Bush era when deregulation reigned supreme, the wealthy received unfunded tax cuts, and starting wars was the rule and not the exception. One of the Republican candidates for president in 2012 is emerging as the reincarnation of George W. Bush with more extreme tax cuts for the wealthy, and plans to start a new war to enrich the military industrial complex. Meet Willard Mitt Romney.

There are very few distinctions between George W. Bush and Willard M. Romney, except that Romney wears magic Mormon underwear. Bush’s economic policies of tax cuts for the wealthy, corporate entitlements, and war for sport pale in comparison to Romney’s plans for the country if he is elected as president. Most people are aware that as governor of Massachusetts, Romney passed universal healthcare for all Massachusetts’ residents and that as a typical Republican hypocrite has demeaned a similar plan President Obama signed into law in 2010. However, there is more to fear from a Romney presidency than his hypocrisy and magic knickers (although his religion itself is frightening). There are two significant reasons that Romney will return America to a dark time that will make the economic disaster of 2007-2008 look pleasant, and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars look like a youth soccer scrimmage.

Romney’s economic plan to save America’s (corporate) economy features a $6.6 trillion tax cut that primarily benefits the extremely wealthy and corporations. After the interest costs American taxpayers will have to repay, the total cost balloons to $7.8 trillion over the next ten years. The beneficiaries of Romney’s taxpayer-funded largesse are only the 5% richest Americans and will cost over $4 trillion. His plan also eliminates capital gains taxes with 67% of the benefit going to millionaires and will not benefit most Americans. He also plans to cut corporate taxes by about one-third that will cost taxpayers more than $900 billion, but only benefits the very rich and their corporations.

If Romney’s cuts and entitlements are not enough of an insult to 95% of Americans, he plans to rub some salt in American’s wounds by eliminating estate taxes that benefit only a few very rich descendants who will be extremely wealthy before their benefactors even die. To pay for the wealthy’s entitlements, Romney intends to repeal the Affordable Care Act and have lower revenue levels than the current House Budget proposals. His plan will continue unsustainable deficits, and in fact, will yield about $6.5 trillion in new deficits between 2013 and 2021. Interestingly, Romney also supports a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution although his grand plan does not approach a balanced budget. It is the Bush-era, Republican deficit growing economic plan on steroids and will effectively bankrupt the country once and for all. However, before the country drowns in debt to reward wealthy Americans and their corporations, Romney’s foreign policy team of advisers who assisted in the push for war with Iraq, will advise him that it may be good for America to start a war with Iran.

Romney’s team includes Eliot Cohen who called for Iran’s overthrow after 9/11, and in 2009, said either attack Iran or it gets nukes. Cohen elaborated that, “The choices are now what they ever were: an American or an Israeli strike, which would probably cause a substantial war.” A former aid to Dick Cheney, Eric Edelman, said that “the U.S. will either have to attack Iran or contain its nuclear weapons capability. The military option should not be dismissed.”  Kim Holmes of the war-mongering Heritage Foundation said that “Europeans negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program might be preventing the U.S. from using military force to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.” Norm Coleman, former Minnesota Republican senator said that “if Israel attacks Iran, America is going to be a part of it and that we have to understand that.”

Romney himself used neo-conservative fear mongering talking points and brought out the Israel card at a speech at the Citadel military college and said that, “In the hands of the ayatollahs, a nuclear Iran is nothing less than an existential threat to Israel.” It is frightening to think that before he is even the Republican nominee, Willard Romney is being advised by Bush’s advisers that a war with Iran is in the country’s best interest. It is noteworthy that Bush walked into the White House with every intention of prosecuting a war with Iraq nine months before the terror attacks of 9/11. It appears that Romney wants to start the second decade of the new century by revisiting the last century under another Republican president.

America must move forward and progress beyond the Bush era of crippling deficits caused by more extreme tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and a new war with another Islamic country. The American people are already in the throes of increased poverty, massive job losses due to Republican malfeasance and corporate entitlements, and two protracted wars. A Romney presidency would take the country back to the Bush era, only this time the economic devastation will be ten times more severe. Romney has no plans to pay for any of the wealthy’s tax cuts that should lead any thinking human being to worry that no social program will be left intact, and still, the deficit will grow to unsustainable levels. Just the notion of another unfunded war is frightening and that does not include the cost in lives.

It is just so typical of Republicans to repeat mistakes of their last president because it benefited the rich and corporations, and Romney reveals his lack of foresight by assembling a foreign policy team populated by Bush’s war mongers. Romney does not have any plans for helping 95% of Americans because Republicans are not remotely interested in helping anyone who is not a millionaire. Massive tax cuts for the wealthy and a new war must make Romney wet his magic knickers, but for the rest of America, it is the Bush nightmare all over again and one would think that era is one the country would never revisit. But Republicans have never moved forward because to the GOP, progress is a very dirty word.


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