Going Taliban on the Occupiers of Wall Street

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Steven L. Franklin Wants to Go Taliban on Occupiers of Wall Street

It’s amazing – almost breathtaking – to watch the hypocrisy of conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers alike, as they decry with horror the truly popular uprisings starting on Wall Street but now springing up all across America.

They demonize the left’s response to the same degree they sanctified the right’s as manifested by the Tea Party. Unsurprisingly, the left’s is anti-corporate while the Astroturf Tea Party was an ersatz popular movement funded by those very same corporations.

Sadly, it has become possible for Americans to understand the motivations of the starving and neglected Parisians who stormed the Bastille.

Let them eat cake.

Let them die on the streets, as quickly as possible. They’re less trouble that way.

Of course, there will be fewer jobs to ship overseas but either way, the people don’t get paid and they don’t accrue those expensive benefits.

They might as well just cut to the quick and mow us down in the streets. It would be quicker, and in some cases, a mercy.

Because the only way conservatives will finally be satisfied is if the United States government and it’s pesky Constitution is replaced by a corporation and a set of by-laws.

Let the buyer beware.

Sellers have not traditionally been beholden to the buyer. Only governments can enforce such protections. And the government, of course, has to go. Leaving We the People where?

The scourge of Republicanism is revealed in all its terrible glory but it is not the Republicans and their corporations vilified by the mainstream media, because the mainstream media is corporate owned as well.

It’s wrong that it should have come to this. This is America. It is 2011. Our founding generation fought this war against tyranny over 200 years ago. We should not have to fight it again.

The corporation is your friend. The corporation will take care of you.

Well, yeah…in a manner of speaking, if you like it low – and from behind while golden rain trickles down.

Take that, America. Look at what the City Commissioner of Covington, Kentucky, Steve Frank (R) had to say about the American citizens occupying Wall Street:

“Turn out the lights on the Occupiers, I feel like going Taliban on them!!!”

Yup, that’s the American way, Mr. Frank: go Taliban on them.

He tried to explain his logic as meaning the Taliban fought against occupiers and that therefore the occupiers are somehow representative of “the Man” and must be opposed, when of course, the situation as he describes it is exactly the opposite of the situation that obtains.

So yes, go Taliban on them; gun them down in the streets. That’s what the Taliban does, after all.

That’s the great Republican plan for America, collective rape on a national scale, rape of our bodies, of our souls.

And it’s our fault.

That’s the new American way. The corporate way. Oh, and by the way, America: you’re fired.

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