Americans Agree With Occupy Wall Street: The Gap Between Rich/Poor Is Too Big

Oct 13 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

This is why the 1% is scared. According to a new Time Poll, 79% of Americans agree with Occupy Wall Street that the gap between the rich and the poor has grown too big.

The Time Poll found that despite a lack of consistent positive mainstream media coverage, Americans overwhelmingly have a positive opinion of the Occupy Wall Street protests, 54%-23%. This poll contained a tidal wave of bad news for the 1%. By a margin of 86%-11% respondents agreed that Wall Street and lobbyists have too much influence in Washington. Those polled also supported prosecuting financial executives who caused the 2008 financial meltdown, 71%-23%, and they also agreed with the protesters that the rich should pay more taxes, 68%-23%.

The one statistic from this poll that should keep the one percent and the powered elite awake every night is that 79% of those surveyed agreed that the gap between the rich and poor has grown too large. The current climate of pessimism in the country was reflected by the fact that although people agree with the protests, a majority of those polled (56%) think that they will have little impact on our politics.

If you want to know why the corporate media, politicians, billionaires, millionaires and those at the very top of our society are scared of this movement, the answer isn’t just because the public supports it. The real reason is that Americans are ready to stand up against the system of economic inequality built over the past few decades has allowed the few to flourish at the expense of the many.

The fact that over three fourths of the people polled agree that the rich have gotten too rich and the poor are too poor is a direct rejection of trickle down economics, job creators, and the Bush tax cuts. The people on top are scared because this movement wants to hold them accountable. The rich have had a nice free ride for the majority of the last 30 years, but poll after poll shows that most Americans want the free ride to end. It is important to hold the financial executives who collapsed the economy accountable for their crimes, but the rich would gladly sacrifice a few of their own to maintain the status quo.

For a short time the wealthiest Americans were able to tap into the anger over the economy and used to their own advantage with the right wing billionaire run and funded tea party. Time magazine wrote a story using today’s poll results trying to explain why Occupy Wall Street is more popular than the tea party. As with most corporate media analysis, it completely misses the point. The article refers to the tea party as, “That grassroots movement also grew from the seeds of economic frustration, generalized rage at Washington’s policies and a virulent strain of populism.”

The reason why Occupy Wall Street is more popular than the tea party is because it is a true grassroots movement. Only the corporate media would still believe that a fake grassroots movement funded by right wing billionaires is the same as a movement that is powered by the people. The grassroots funding of the national tea party movement is as a real as the tooth fairy. The grassroots organizations of the national tea party can be found in Washington, DC.

The reason why the tea party has died off is because it served its purpose. The tea party was a front organization used by corporations and right wing billionaires to advance their interests, kill healthcare reform, and motivate the GOP electorate for the 2010 election. They weren’t supposed to stick around because they aren’t a real movement.

America supports Occupy Wall Street in a way that it never supported the tea party because it knows real when it sees it. Occupy Wall Street isn’t about getting Republicans elected, or Democrats defeated. While the tea party was designed to protect the status quo, Occupy Wall Street wants to change it. The two groups are apples and oranges. People support Occupy Wall Street because they aren’t Democratic or Republican. They are American, and the American people understand that each and everyone one of us who aren’t the 1%, are the 99%.

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