Democrats Join All Senate Republicans In Killing 1.9 Million New Jobs

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The Senate’s failure to vote to proceed on the American Jobs Act highlighted the disconnect between senators of who trying to win an election, and the millions of people who need jobs.

Hours before the Senate vote on the cloture motion, Politico reported that three red state Democrats who are facing reelection in 2012, Ben Nelson, Joe Manchin, Jim Webb and Jean Shaheen of New Hampshire were considering or planning to vote against ending debate on the American Jobs Act, but Jim Webb actually voted for the measure to end debate.

Before the vote Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tried again to get a vote on what he called, “Obama’s so called jobs proposal.” The most interesting part of McConnell’s remarks was watching an annoyed looking John McCain repeatedly checking his watch. McConnell kept objecting and trying to spin and place the blame for this on the Democrats, but vote was held as scheduled.

The Senate held the vote open for Sen. Shaheen, so that she could fly back to DC to cast her vote after she flew to Boston to collect a “New Englander of the Year” award.

So far these are the Democrats who have voted No: Ben Nelson, Jon Tester

No matter what the final total is, 48 Senators have voted no which means that the bill is blocked.

The Senate held the vote open for Sen. Shaheen, so that she could fly back to DC to cast her vote after she flew to Boston to collect a “New Englander of the Year” award.

While the media has harped on the fact that this was a political defeat for Obama, a defeat which he may have secretly welcomed because now it allows him to continue to campaign on a job creation platform, the real story here is that this Senate vote perfectly illustrated the disconnect between the politicians in Washington and the American people.

Thousands of people around the country have taken to the streets to protest a corrupt political system that enabled the destruction of the US economy that has allowed the rich to get richer while everyone else has continued to suffer. The US Senate seems oblivious to cries of the American people. Those who inhabit America’s most exclusive club continue to focus on their own self-interest, and openly cast votes that shallow attempts to win reelection for themselves, and end the Obama presidency in 2012.

Both Democrats and Republicans revealed to every citizen of their country where their true loyalties are. They would rather protect their political futures that vote in favor of a 5.6% surtax on millionaires. They are more worried about negative 30 second campaign ads that could be run against them next year than the millions of Americans who need jobs.

The US Senate today decided that it would rather not create jobs if it means that they also have to raise taxes on millionaires. 1.9 million Americans will have less of a chance of finding a new job today, thanks to the Senate, and the American people will not forget.

Next the political cowards in the Senate will likely break apart the bill and pass the measures that do not include raising taxes on millionaires.

The senators who killed the American Jobs Act may be able to ignore the Occupy protesters around the country today, but they won’t be able to ignore the anger of voters in November 2012.

Image: Business Insider

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