A Terrified Rush Limbaugh Mines the Gutter Of Anti-Semitism To Attack the 99%

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On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh continued to his attack on Occupy Wall Street and the 99% by claiming that the phrase we are the 99% is actually anti-Semitic code.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Here is the transcript from Rush Limbaugh himself:

Now, Adbusters magazine, you may not have heard of them, but within certain circles Adbusters magazine is known for quite a lot and one of the things that they did that stands out was an essay in 2004 entitled “Why Won’t They Say They Are Jewish?” David Brooks says that that 2004 essay in Adbusters outed influential Jews as a tiny elite with a nefarious grip on American. The old Jewish power brokers, the movies, the bankers, that stereotype, that conspiracy theory. (interruption) Well, not just the neocons. This was an attack on — neocons included in it — but this was an attack on all Jews, this was an anti-Semitic bunch. And some people no doubt are gonna think that Brooks is on to something here. These people are running around saying “I’m the 99%.” These signs I just shared with you in the first half hour of these people writing, “I am the 99%” is how each of them ends. That’s the last line in each of these signs, or messages, that these people are writing. But they are touting themselves as the 99%.

Now, some people think the 99%’s also the 99 weeks of unemployment compensation because that group also calls themselves the 99ers, but the 99% versus the 1% is another angle that the group is talking about here, and Wall Street and bankers, those two terms have been anti-Semitic code for Jews in this country for a long time. Occupier, Occupy Wall Street Now. I’ve often said, I said last week he who controls the definition of words, the meaning of words, controls the debate. He who controls the language controls the debate. There’s a lot of interesting stuff here. Occupy Wall Street Now, 99%, that leaves 1%, roughly the percentage of Jews in the population, too. And Wall Street and bankers have been anti-Semitic code for Jews in this country going back quite a while.

Now, what’s happening here is that the Democrats… This is where Brooks may be on to something. It’s too early to tell. But the Democrats are embracing this group of people. They are embracing them big time. The Democrats — Jan Schakowsky in Illinois, members of Congress — cannot help themselves. They are embracing this group and encourages this group. Celebrities are showing up now. Kanye West shows up with Russell Simmons, and he was wearing his big gold chains, and he hung around for a while. He did a perp walk, signed some autographs and had to get out of there because he was mobbed by these people. But this Adbusters bunch has a history of anti-Semitism, proud anti-Semitism. (interruption) The article about Jewish “neocons” was just one of their pieces, Snerdley, that you mentioned here, along those lines.

And a lot of people, a lot of people like to think that Wall Street’s all made up of Jewish people. We’re the ones that mentioned this last week. We’re the first to tell you that Adbusters was deeply involved in this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brooks got the idea from this program. I’m gonna do a content search and I’m gonna go back and I’m gonna get the exact thing I said about Adbusters last week or the week before, whenever it was ’cause now people are starting to pick up on this. So here’s the point: If this group is being organized and paid for by a bunch of anti-Semites and the Democrat Party goes overboard in embracing this group of people, then this could be problem for the Democrat coalition, not to mention the fact that they could unleash a bunch of anti-Jewish racism down there if they’re not careful with this, ’cause there’s much more going on here than you just see at the surface.

Look out everybody, Rush Limbaugh is going to use Google! Who is he kidding? Rush’s definition of research is checking the front page of Drudge. According to Rush Limbaugh’s twisted logic since 1.7% of the US population is Jewish, actually 1.7%, when the Occupy movement claims that they are the 99%, they are really launching an anti-Semitic attack on America’s Jews.

When the Occupy movement refers to the one percent, they aren’t talking about Jews. They are talking the top one percent of American household income.

A recent Washington Post story explained what the protesters mean by the one percent,

Taken literally, the top 1 percent of American households had a minimum income of $516,633 in 2010 — a figure that includes wages, government transfers and money from capital gains, dividends and other investment income.

That number is down from peak of $646,195 in 2007, before the economic crisis hit, all adjusted to 2011 dollars, according to calculations by the Tax Policy Center. By contrast, the bottom 60 percent earned a maximum of $59,154 in 2010, the bottom 40 percent earned a max of $33,870, while the bottom 20 percent earned just $16,961 at maximum. As Annie Lowrey points out, that gap has grown wider over time: “The top 1 percent of households took a bigger share of overall income in 2007 than they did at any time since 1928.” (And in New York City, it’s even more skewed: the top 1 percent have an average of $3.7 million in income.)

The term the one percent refers to people like Rush Limbaugh. This effort to define the Occupy movement as anti-Semitic illustrates how low the wealthy in this country are willing to go in order to discredit and destroy this movement. Make no mistake about it, this is a smear campaign that has its roots in fear.

Even from his radio booth bubble, Rush Limbaugh can see what is going on. Limbaugh like his buddy Murdoch is getting scared and pulling out all of the meme stops in order to bring the protests down. Two of the biggest corporate media heavyweights are putting all of their power behind stopping the 99%, but they are losing.

Despite their daily smears and pleas to the darkest demons in the American character, these protests continue to grow. Heavy handed police can’t stop them. The talking heads of America’s new Gilded Age aren’t making a dent, and corporate America is running scared.

Keep it up and don’t stop. The assaults by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are signs that they are terrified. You’ve got them on the run. For the first time in decades, the 99% is winning.

Image: Occupy Raleigh

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