Eric Cantor Is The GOP’s Biggest Tea Party/Occupy Wall Street Hypocrite

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There are a few traits that elicit anger and disgust from decent people who work hard to be honest and hold high moral standards as a matter-of-course than deceit and dishonesty. The Republican Party is rife with politicians who are of such low moral character, that they eclipse the worst actions of the general public and are characterized best as liars, hypocrites, and whores to corporations, lobbyists, religion, the wealthy, and banking interests for their campaign contributions and political support. The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have engendered outrage from Republicans who see their meal-tickets being challenged, and instead of addressing the reason for the protests; they have dismissed the movement as angry, unpatriotic, and dangerous people who have no idea why they are protesting except to cause trouble.

Eric Cantor has upped the ante in criticizing the occupy Wall Street movement by calling them mobs who are engaging in class warfare. As usual, Cantor distinguishes himself as a hypocrite extraordinaire for labeling the 99% movement as mobs when he endorsed the teabaggers for protesting health care reform, loss of liberty, and taxes that are too high. While addressing the Value Voters Summit crowd, Cantor said, “I for one am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street and the other cities across the country. And believe it or not, some in this town have actually condoned the pitting of Americans against Americans.” Now, it is one thing to disagree with the 99% movement, but to accuse them of being mobs who are being encouraged to divide Americans by some in Washington D.C. is the height of hypocrisy. Cantor and his Republican cohorts have been pitting Americans against each other for the past two-and-a-half years and it goes beyond supporting the teabagger movement.

First, the Republicans have pitted rich Americans and their corporations against the middle class and the poor for decades, but they ratcheted up the class war since President Obama’s inauguration. The Republican propaganda machine has consistently claimed that Democrats are killing jobs by overtaxing and regulating the so-called job creators, and have went  so far as saying the new banking and health insurance reforms are responsible for high unemployment and the sluggish economy even though there is no truth to their assertions. Republicans have been successful in pitting ignorant Americans against those who understand that the GOP is only interested in helping the extremely wealthy to the extent that their stupid sycophants support policies that are against their own self-interest and indeed, 99% of the American people.

If Cantor is really concerned that Americans are being pitted against one another, he should cease and desist the Republican rhetoric that programs that benefit the majority of Americans is hurting the country and particularly the 1% of Americans who control 80% of the wealth in this country. Instead, Republicans have forged ahead by decimating the poor, middle class, and seniors by slashing programs that benefit all Americans to give the wealthy, corporations, and the oil industry more entitlements. It is class warfare pitting the wealthiest 1% against the rest of the population.

Republicans have also used Social Security and Medicare to pit young Americans against the elderly, disabled, and the poor by claiming that the retirement program is draining the country’s resources and killing jobs that young college graduates depend on to afford them a better life than their parents had. Even Republican supporters in the teabag movement fall for the lie that Social Security and Medicare are entitlement programs that will saddle future generations with crippling debt and it has prompted stupid Americans to support the Heritage Foundation’s Medicare privatization scam even though it will cost jobs and cheat all Americans out of their contributions to the program during their working lives.

Regardless of Cantor and Republicans’ contention that the Occupy Wall Street protestors are a mob and dividing America, there is that little item in the Constitution’s 1st Amendment that says Americans have the right to assemble peaceably. What better way for a representative who swore an oath of office to uphold the Constitution to show he does not believe or support the 1st Amendment than to smear the protestors as mobs out to divide America. Cantor is not worthy of holding the office of dogcatcher much less a seat in the House of Representatives. He is a hypocrite for endorsing and supporting the teabaggers right to assemble, and then condemning Americans concerned about their future and the future of the United States of America.

Republicans are concerned that as the Occupy Wall Street movement grows, more Americans will learn what the banks, Wall Street, and corporations are doing to destroy the country as Republicans provide them with support in the form of legislation, repeal, and media cover. As the movement gains traction approaching next year’s general election, Republicans and their right-wing pundits and media will ramp up their propaganda campaign to portray the 99% movement as mobs guilty of dividing America. The division is already evident and it is the Republican promoted wealthy against the rest of the country. The media is not going to be able to ignore the Occupy Wall Street movement forever, and as protestors become more media-savvy in answering reporters’ questions concerning their demands and purpose for demonstrating, the American people will embrace the movement and show up in force at the ballot box.

Cantor’s pre-emptive accusation that the legal protest movement is a mob dividing America and pitting American against American is pure hypocrisy and meant to frighten the audience at the Value Voters’ Summit and by extension, ignorant Americans who are not yet aware that the movement represents their interests as well as those of the protestors. America is divided and it is 1% of the wealthiest Americans against the rest of the country, and when the rest figure out the Occupy Wall Street movement is representing their interests, there will be mobs and they will be furious that Republicans are on the side of the wealthy who are finally getting their due from angry Americans who are sick and tired of an elite group of bankers, industrialists, and corporations stealing the remaining wealth held by 99% of Americans.


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