Russ Feingold Explains Why Govt, Media, and Banksters Fear Occupy Wall Street

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On Countdown former Senator Russ Feingold discussed the fear that Occupy Wall Street is causing among the unholy trinity of Wall Street, the government and the media.

Here is the video:

Feingold said, “My observation is that they are very nervous that this might work. What sort of set me off on this, Keith was making the mistake of watching Fox News in the morning the other day and watching these people, Varney and the others mocking the protesters, making fun of the way they were dressed, saying they didn’t have a precise agenda. To which I said, you know they’re not filing briefs with the Supreme Court. They’re upset, and so my sense is there’s great fear that this sweet deal that a lot of people have in both Washington and New York. This unholy alliance between our government and our media, and the financial markets and the financial businesses that this unholy alliance is finally being threatened and challenged. It is a threat and an attack on every working American, and it’s time that we upset the apple cart, and I think they are nervous and they know this has great potential.”

The former Senator also called out some of his fellow Democrats for dragging their feet on supporting the protesters, and he honestly pointed out that some Democrats are a big part of the money system that dominates our politics. Feingold was right. The media, the government, and Wall Street are all nervous. They are afraid of Occupy Wall Street. (The best media barometer of how the right wing and the corporatists are feeling is Fox News, and right now Fox absolutely reeks of fear).

There is no reason for any politician who claims to support working people not to be endorsing these protests.

Occupy Wall Street is the kind of movement that the moneyed interests have always dreaded. It a true organic movement made up of regular Americans who are mad at them. It has taken decades, but the American people finally see what has been going on here. For the last thirty years they were sold an American dream while the wealthy sold them out.

For decades the middle class was told that they could be rich too, but what that phrase really meant was I could be richer, and you will be laid off. George W. Bush sold the dream that anybody in America could be homeowner. The American people were conned into believing that they were building wealth and getting rich through home equity. It was only when people started losing their homes did they realize that it was a rigged game. The only people who got rich were those who already were rich.

The American people are awake now, and those who have exploited the 99% are scared. They know that the Occupy protests and the 99% movement could bring them down. They are terrified that this popular movement will shatter the current system and cause real change to occur. They are frightened because they see a growing movement that they have not been able to stop.

Occupy Wall Street will not be denied.

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