Thanks To Obamacare The Healthcare Industry Added 44,000 Jobs In September

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The numbers for employment just came out last week and the American economy added over 100,000 jobs. Now the Republican Party will tell us that the reason job growth in this country is slow is due to regulations, specifically, ObamaCare.

If this was the case, the industry that is directly regulation should be the first to lose jobs and stop hiring. So let’s look into the healthcare employment numbers.

Just in the month of September of 2011, the healthcare industry added 44,000 jobs, with 13,000 being in hospitals and 26,000 in ambulatory services.

Let’s look into the numbers according to the Bureau Of Labor and Statistics.

In April of 2010 when the law was signed the hospitals of America had 4,675,000 employees. Today that numbers stands at 4,774,000 that is an an increase of 100,000 employees in a year and a half. The entire healthcare industry in April of 2010 had 13,739,000 and in September of 2011 it has 14,180,000 which is an an increase of 441,000 employees in a year and a half.

There are two issues we need to discuss concerning these figures. One is the Republican talking point that Obamacare is killing the economy. This is an obvious lie, considering the very industry that it regulates is adding almost a half a million jobs in 18 months. Secondly, we need to look at what is causing this increased hiring.

One statistic that would increase hiring is our aging population. This increased demand for services by our older generation is forcing hospitals, ambulatory services and other areas of this industry to hire more people to keep up with the increased patients.

The second issue is specifically Obamacare itself. Could the healthcare industry have increased its hiring due to the fact that people from the ages of 18-26 years old are still allowed to stay on their parents’ insurance? These people would have otherwise been uninsured and been unable to see a doctor. Since the healthcare law was signed, offices of physicians have increased their employment by almost 75,000. Why would doctors’ offices increase hiring under these “oppressive” regulations?

In either scenario, what these statistics show is the Republican talking point of a job killing law is an absolute fabricated lie meant to make people “scared” of the healthcare law. This law isn’t killing any jobs at all. If it was, this industry would have been the bell weather.

A contributing factor to the slowness of our economic recovery is the manufacturing sector’s increased access to slave labor countries. America’s manufacturing is moving to low wage countries rather than pay Americans to produce their goods. The second reason for the slow recovery is the banking sector not releasing their capital into the market. Even if there is increased demand for their product or service, a tight credit market doesn’t allow small businesses to expand and hire more people.

Wall Street is causing this slow recovery, whether forcing companies to outsource production to low wage countries to increase their own value in their portfolios or restricting lending to small businesses.

So the next time a conservative is on the radio telling you that Obamacare is the reason businesses are not hiring, call in and tell them these facts. Education is the most important part of the political debate and being active in the discussion is the first action you can take towards righting the ship.

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