Saturday Night Live Ridicules Fox News’ Attacks On Occupy Wall Street

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Saturday Night Live defended Occupy Wall Street with a sharp satire of Fox News’ hypocrisy, and their anti-protester talking points.

Here is the video from NBC:

SNL pretty much nailed the Fox News hypocrisy of supporting the tea party, but attacking Occupy Wall Street. SNL’s Gretchen Carlson said, “I mean its nuts. These protests want anarchy, and all the tea party ever wanted was no government.” After Doocy asked, “Isn’t that anarchy, Carlson explained, “No. Anarchy is no government while people play bongos.” SNL also added a bit of that patented Fox News propaganda by having Steve Doocy claim that the Occupy Wall Street protests are costing New York City one trillion dollars a day.

They lampooned all of the common right wing criticisms of Occupy Wall Street, including we don’t know why they’re protesting, they need a shower, and bongos. Watching the SNL sketch was just like watching P.J. O’Rourke’s appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher this week (without the take down by Alan Grayson).

The SNL sketch is a sure sign that Occupy Wall Street has made it into the mainstream. The right’s criticisms of the protesters are laughable and perfect for SNL. The hypocrisy of Fox News is obvious on this one. Fox News endlessly promoted and hyped the tea party, but when a protest organically springs up that doesn’t support the agenda that the network is pushing, that protest is labeled as a dirty, evil, anti-American event.

In fact, the criticisms leveled at the protests by Fox News and others sound exactly like those that conservatives used against hippies in the late 1960s. The problem is that the people who are taking to the streets in 2011 aren’t hippies. These are Americans of all ages, shapes, and sizes who are speaking out against inequality and a political system that is completely owned by Wall Street.

Like the protesters of the Sixties, the Occupy movement is also protesting a war, but this war isn’t being fought with troops and bullets. The battlefield isn’t some far off land, but our own political system. The one percent has deployed an army of lobbyists armed with campaign donations that are designed to slay our representative democracy.

Saturday Night Live has turned their Fox and Friends parody into an ideal format for satirizing the biases of Fox News. (Be sure to watch the entire video clip, and enjoy their take on this week’s Hank Williams Jr. flap). Occupy Wall Street has made it on to Saturday Night Live, and everyday getting more difficult for the right wing to deny that these protests have arrived.

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