First They Came For SpongeBob Now Fox News Has Attacked Sesame Street

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Fox News’ Eric Bolling is claiming because Sesame Street has introduced a Muppet in poverty it is only a matter of time until they introduce an evil Republican Muppet to attack the tea party.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Bolling said accused Sesame Street of getting pretty political, Juan Williams told Bolling that he was over the top, and he asked, “I get it, and boy, take this in the right way here, but are we singling out a poverty stricken little girl? Does my son need to see that? My little boy need to see that’s going on. You don’t single out other groups. You don’t single out the little gay Muppet, or the little black Muppet, or the little Hispanic Muppet do you? No, there are intertwined in the ensemble.” Williams pointed out that the hungry child serves a real purpose. The new Muppet talks about the reality for millions of children in America who go hungry every day.

Bolling then brought in Republican strategist Cheri Jacobus and said, “I’m waiting for them to come out and have like this evil Republican or tea partier that they are going to blame Lily’s poverty on.” Jacobus said, “Well, I think so, and if you don’t speak out against their political agenda that’s probably what will happen. Look, it is up to the parents to explain some of the more difficult aspects of life to their children when they feel the time is appropriate, and one of things we do as taxpayer to make sure we don’t have children who go hungry is we have the school lunch program, the school breakfast program, and in some cases the after school snack that we do. We have a lot of programs, so that while it’s not always a great situation we do have some protections in place, and I think it’s not appropriate for PBS and Sesame Street to take it upon themselves to give these more difficult lessons of life to little children.”

Without a hint of irony, Bolling and company held this discussion about Sesame Street’s political agenda on a Fox Business show called Follow The Money, a program which is more about pushing far right ideology than business or money.

Fox News has some big issues with cartoon characters. In early August of this year, Fox News declared war on SpongeBob because the foremost resident of Bikini Bottom starred in a short about global warming. Fox has also attacked Superman for renouncing his US citizenship and Spiderman for daring not to be white.

This attack on Sesame Street is especially insidious because it ties in to the right wing war’s on PBS. Even worse, Bolling and Fox completely ignored the good work that the supposedly liberal children’s show does. Sesame Street produced an outreach DVD for military families that is designed to help the hundreds of thousands of preschool age children who are dealing with losing a parent to military deployment.

Here is a video clip:

Those dirty commies at Sesame Street are supporting the troops.

Bolling and company got the point of the new Muppet character wrong. Sesame Street isn’t about spreading a political agenda to children. The new character is designed show the millions of children who don’t have enough to eat that they are not alone. The Sesame Street prime time special is focused on the problem of hunger in America, but with poverty at a new high, I can’t think of a better time than now to discuss the issue.

Fox News is attacking Sesame Street for daring to discuss the problem of hunger. Be criticizing those who talk about it, FNC is reinforcing the stigma and shame associated with hunger. Some on the right believe that any admission that there are people in this country, who by no fault of their own, do not have enough to eat, makes America weaker. Their answer is to deny the problem. They pretend like it doesn’t exist.

The truth is that the Muppets on Sesame Street do a better job of addressing reality than the on air talent at Fox News, and the average child who watches Sesame Street understands more about real American values that the faux patriot Fox News viewers ever will.

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