Jon Stewart Says What The Media Won’t: Sarah Palin Is A Scammer

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While discussing Sarah Palin’s decision not to run for president, Jon Stewart put all the pieces together and called her out for running a scam.

Here is the video from The Daily Show:

Stewart showed clips of Palin discussing her decision not to run, and her pretend presidential campaign and then said, “You know, it’s not that terrible of a thing because for the most part Palin’s narcissism is a victimless crime, except for this. Two weeks ago Palin supporters got a letter from SarahPAC that was curiously specific about its purpose.”

He then read from the letter that urged people to donate if they wanted her to run, and then said, “So everyone, let me translate that. If you want Tinkerbelle to live, clap harder. Now we all have to remember that SarahPAC isn’t just some grassroots Sarah Palin fan club that sprouted up naturally out of the manure fields of Wasilla. It’s Sarah Palin’s PAC, and by PAC I mean pack of money. It’s her money. She controls it.”

Stewart than ran down some of the ways that Sarah Palin has used her PAC money and continued, “Now you may say to yourself, wow that’s f**king crazy, but those are the rules that are set up. The only way that her little scheme would dishonorable or shady is Palin had known all along what her decision was yet continued to dangle her indecision as a lure to unsuspecting donors. How you gonna prove that? You would have to find someone close to the operation perhaps too naïve to realize that she has inadvertently spilled the beans on let’s say June 28.”

(Video of Bristol saying her mom has made up her mind on Fox News).

Stewart closed, “See that kind of takes us out of the self-involved territory and puts us into the Nigerian prince territory.”

Jon Stewart is the first person on television to call out Sarah Palin for scamming her supporters. Everyone who writes about Palin already knew that she was running a big con, but this was never discussed on television. The talking heads would make references to Palin not wanting to give up her TV gig or her paid speeches, but they never were brave enough to speak the truth. Since she quit as governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin was running a big con.

Back when she bolted out of Alaska it seemed logical that she quit early in order to position herself to run in 2012, but instead she did the opposite. From the moment that she quit, Palin has been all about making money. Every move that she has made has been about getting paid, including her fake decision making process concerning running in 2012. She got a bus. She went on tours. She did everything, but hire a staff, form an exploratory committee, or anything else that a serious candidate would do.

A few weeks ago Palin pulled her final 2012 con when she sent out a fundraising letter that misled her supporters into giving her money when she had no intention of running for president. The mainstream media has given Sarah Palin a total pass, but Jon Stewart didn’t. He connected the dots and told America what many of us always knew.

Sarah Palin is a grifter. She could see that that her fifteen minutes were almost up, so Palin went for one last score before she was forced out of the politics game, and her scam would have never been mentioned on television if it wasn’t for Jon Stewart.

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