Glenn Beck Calls Jon Stewart A Moron For Supporting Occupy Wall Street

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On his radio show today, Glenn Beck attacked Jon Stewart for pointing out that Occupy Wall Street and the tea party have some similarities. Beck called Stewart a moron, a dope and claimed Stewart isn’t a thinking man.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Beck played a clip of Stewart asking how the Occupy Wall Street protesters aren’t like the tea party, and said, “How long do you have Jon? You’ve only got a half hour show. I’ve got a two hour show, and I can’t fit it in two hour, Jon. Open your eyes, you moron. Stu said, Yeah, but if you just say it, and the crowd laughs, it’s true that makes it true. They’re the same. They’re exactly the same. How are they different? They’re talking about killing and cannibalizing the rich. Just like the tea party.” Beck chimed in, “They’re talking about revolution in the streets and destroying the entire system, just like the tea party.” Stu said, “Remember when the tea party talked about Google Jews and how evil they are?” Beck came back with more insults for Stewart, “It must be true, you dope. You know Jon Stewart; I have absolutely no respect for you. You are not a thinking man at all.”

Glenn Beck has viewed himself as in competition with Stewart for years.

Glenn Beck has always been jealous of Jon Stewart. Beck did everything that he could think of to try to sink The Rally To Restore Sanity including calling Stewart and Colbert secret progressive operatives, and claiming that the rally was going to flop because Obama talked about it.

The reality is that Jon Stewart passed Glenn Beck long ago. When Stewart was on the way up, and Beck was on the way down, the then Fox News host tried to take credit for boosting The Daily Show’s ratings. Now that Beck is off of television, and relegated to being a political pundit afterthought, he has been reduced to lobbing childish personal insults at Jon Stewart.

The truth is that Beck and Stewart are both wrong when they compare Occupy Wall Street to the tea party. Beck is claiming that the protesters want to cannibalize the rich and destroy the system. Stewart, Joe Biden, and everyone else gets it wrong when they compare an organic grassroots movement like Occupy Wall Street to the corporate funded and directed Astroturf of the tea party. The tea party wasn’t a real movement of the people. It wasn’t genuine. The real tea party movement, which was started by Ron Paul supporters back in 2007-2008 was co-opted, corporatized, and killed off by the Republican Party.

Comparing Occupy Wall Street to the tea party gives the tea party a legitimacy that it does not deserve.

The surface complaints of the two groups are similar, but the groups themselves couldn’t be more different. The reason why Beck called Stewart a dope and a moron today is because he is afraid that those people who were fooled into supporting a movement funded by Republican billionaires will hear the same message and join Occupy Wall Street. In an ironic twist, the same Republican billionaires and their media machine are now fighting against their own tea party message.

Glenn Beck was trying to personally discredit Stewart, because the Astroturfers know from firsthand experience how powerful that message of anger, frustration, and mass protest can be.

Jon Stewart is more of a thinking man than Glenn Beck could ever hope to be. He is not a dope or a moron because he understands the common theme used by the two groups. There is nothing stupid about pointing out that anger and frustration are powerful motivators for action.

The truth is that Glenn Beck always wanted to be Jon Stewart, but he has failed at even being Glenn Beck.

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