Bernie Sanders Slams Eric Cantor’s Hypocritical Socialism For The Rich

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Sen. Bernie Sanders was on MSNBC today where he said that the GOP’s job is to represent the wealthiest people, and he pointed to Eric Cantor’s support of the bailouts and socialism for the rich.

Here is the video:

Sen. Sanders was asked by Martin Bashir characterize the Republican thinking, if it was lunacy or idiotic. He answered, “No, no, it is not lunacy, and it is not idiotic. What is it, is people who are working, candidates who are working on behalf of Wall Street and the wealthiest people in this country… Look, these are the same people who want to end Social Security and Medicare, make massive cuts in Medicaid and education while they give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires. They’re job frankly is to represent the wealthiest people in this country, which certainly includes Wall Street and they could care less about the well-being of average Americans, but the ideas…”

Later Sen. Sanders said, “Look these guys have tremendous amounts of money. They pour huge amounts of money into candidates’ campaigns. They lobby very effectively, and what our job is right now is to educate, organize the American people so that everybody understands that these Republicans are in the pockets of big money. They could care less about ordinary people. We’ve got to throw them out of office. We’re got to deal with a Democratic Party which in my view is much too conservative. We need a progressive agenda which says that government is going to work for all of the people, not just the wealthy and the special interests.”

Sanders also hammered the hypocrisy of Eric Cantor, “As it happens, it’s interesting that you mention Mr. Cantor because he is one of the leaders of the Wall Street bailout. He was one of the leaders of the bailout of Wall Street, so when the financial institutions because of their recklessness and illegal behavior are about to collapse, Eric Cantor is there to provide all of the help they need. But when the middle class is collapsing, when small businesses are hurting, ah, in that case the government should not play any role. In fact we should move the other way, and cut programs that working families and low income Americans need. Martin what this is called is socialism for the rich, rugged capitalism and free enterprise for working families.”

Bernie Sanders made the case against the Republican Party is a simple, clear, and direct way. The Republicans are working for the rich. They don’t care about regular people and the middle class. Their job is to protect the wealthy. There is a long list of evidence to support Sen. Sanders’ claim. Republicans have not only tried to get rid of Social Security and Medicare, but they refuse to create jobs, they are opposed to unemployment benefits. They are trying to cut programs that struggling Americans are depending on right now like food stamps. Republicans across the country are slashing education budgets, and making more difficult for millions of Americans to survive.

Although Sen. Sanders spoke specifically about Eric Cantor, the same strain of hypocrisy is runs through the entire GOP. Any program that would benefit the 99% is the either unaffordable, socialism, or big government, but when it comes time to bail out Wall Street or the wealthy, socialism is embraced and the checks are cut.

The Republicans don’t care about regular people, which is why they must be voted out office. A few minor changes in the leadership of the Democratic Party would be enough to move it more to the left. Getting the Democratic Party to return to its roots will be easier than voting these Republicans out of office, but more than anything, these Republicans have got to go.

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