New Video: Police Beat Non-Threatening Occupy Wall Street Protesters

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It was a scene a right out of the 1968 Democratic convention, as members of the NYPD broke out their batons and starting beating Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Here is the video:

The only information attached to the video was that it was taken at 8:45 tonight.

Reports are that the police have erected barricades and have corralled in the Occupy Wall Street protesters in the park. There were no details given with the above video, as far as date, time, and place, but the footage speaks for itself. The crowds have grown and it would not be surprising if the situation has become more tense.

What has been clear for weeks is that the city does not want these protests to grow. Some members of the NYPD have been doing everything in their power to frighten, intimidate, and in some extreme cases, injure protesters. The pepper spraying incident combined with the mass arrests last weekend near the Brooklyn Bridge appears to be part of a larger strategy on the part of some to break up these protests.

It would be easy to blame all of the law enforcement officers there for this behavior, but it is important not paint with too broad of a brush. Many of those in law enforcement understand what this protest is about and they sympathize with the protesters. They know that they are also part of the 99%, and those good cops are having their reputations ruined by the violent actions of their colleagues.

One episode of police brutality is one too many. Violence is not a response to those who are peacefully exercising their rights, and the best way to stop the violence is make sure that the world knows about it.

No amount of pepper spray or swings from a police baton can squash the common desire of all men and women for justice and equality, and it is this desire that will continue to fuel Occupy Wall Street as it spreads around the country.

(The details surrounding this video are sketchy. If anyone can provide any additional information, please contact us).

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