The Liberal Media Still Pimps Sarah Palin’s Faux Political Sex Show

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Oh, Sarah! Sarah Palin did it again. On the very day she quit us, she still managed to get the media to carry her water.

The servile pedantry of the press is beginning to alarm me. Roger Ailes can market misogyny, but if he dares to call Sarah Palin “hot” the press must make a big show of suddenly caring about his specific use of language. Could this discussion be any more ridiculous?

Yesterday, before Palin announced she was quitting the run she never started, Roger Ailes was in big trouble for saying he hired Sarah because she’s “hot” and would bring “ratings”. Poor Roger was painted as a sexist for this. More to the point for the shareholders, Roger was wrong; Sarah Palin didn’t bring them ratings. But really, did it take the liberal media this long to sort out that Roger Ailes dresses his female talent like strippers and might just be selling sex?

Fox News’ skin to win siren call to the older viewers who don’t get out much anymore is hardly news.

Here’s what Roger said that got the pseudo liberal media in an uproar: “From the start, Ailes has steadfastly denied any such political bias or agenda on the part of his network. Politics, schmolitics: ‘I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings,’ he declares.”

Fox has had on their payroll at one time almost every single possible Republican presidential candidate, gave over a million dollars to the RGA and sued for the right to lie and call it news. Let’s just say that Roger’s credibility regarding his branding of Fox News as having no political bias is skimming the same precariously shallow surface as Sarah Palin’s presidential hopes.

But how could Roger have hired Sarah Palin for her politics, when in truth, she has none other than her bank account? She is a poster girl for hard right hate and “conservative” jingles that don’t match up with her actual record. This is a woman who ran Alaska like a socialist. Palin claimed the people owned the resources and that’s why she taxed the oil companies with windfall profit taxes and gave the money back to the people.

Sarah Palin was never and certainly is not now any kind of real politician. She doesn’t do policy and her stints on Fox, now relegated to friendly hideouts with Greta and Sean, are nothing but jingoistic cheers for giving the American government to corporations. This, from the woman who taxed the oil companies so high that they said they would leave Alaska.

Palin is a “Fox conservative” (aka: radical advocate for giving taxpayer’s money to corporations under the guise of freedom) cardboard puppet, but when Ailes hired her, she was perceived to be “hot.” She got crowds, she raised money, and she was everywhere. Ailes jumped on the Palin bus for money.

Columnists are claiming that it was sexist of Ailes to use the word “hot”, which they presume means hot looking. In point of fact, “hot” is used in the entertainment industry (and Fox News is entertainment, not news) to denote anything/anyone that is trending and can be branded for money. We’re supposed to pretend this isn’t true and act shocked that Ailes viewed Palin as a commodity? Roger Ailes sells “hot” women as sex objects as part of his branding. I might find this offensive (I do), but to pretend it’s not obvious is even more offensive. In other words, it was okay with the media that Ailes dresses his female anchors for sexual attention, but he shouldn’t admit that he hires them for their looks.

Unfortunately for Roger, he failed to vet Palin just like John McCain and the entire conservative band of men behind Palin mania. Do any of them care to tell us why they didn’t vet her? Dare we suggest that her looks and “charm” (aka: hotness) had something to do with these boys being blinded to her real record? Where was the press then? Oh, who knows, but today they are all about women’s rights apparently, especially and only if that woman is Sarah Palin, who is NOT running for President.

Speaking of getting had, Ailes paid Sarah Palin a million dollars a year and built a TV studio for her all for naught. One of her first attempts on Fox, “Real American Stories” was an epic failure. Jason Easley reported for PoliticusUSA, “The numbers are in for Sarah Palin’s first Real American Stories special on Fox News, and they aren’t good….The viewers that did tune in didn’t stay long as the show lost viewers in every quarter hour.”

All Roger had to do was vet her; Sarah Palin doesn’t like to work. She was never that great on camera unless she was giving a speech to a live audience. Some people are like that. He is now distancing himself from his Blood Libel star, but this one had to hurt. He got taken.

Roger labels his branding conservative, and everyone in the liberal media lets him get away with this, as if they are blind. Clue: Ailes doesn’t use glass coffee tables in front of short skirts leading to the promised land for nothing. We do not see the men on Fox News revealing tan, buff arms, tight abs and a barely concealed bulging package for the ladies.

Roger Ailes is a brilliant marketer of conservative smut for repressed men, and he might be a sexist of the highest order, but not because he called the commodity of Sarah Palin “hot”.

Are we to pretend that everyone woman is smart enough to be President and that Sarah Palin was hired by Fox for her policy insights so that the mainstream media doesn’t accuse us of sexism?

In case the press is still confused, Sarah Palin loves being called hot. It doesn’t offend her; in fact, she built her entire political career on her looks and a disturbingly inaccurate all-American myth of herself as a Christian hockey mom with good sense. Her own father is pictured above wearing a t-shirt proclaiming, “Alaska: The Coldest State with the Hottest Governor.”

It was Sarah Palin who showed up to a Memorial Day event in a thigh high skirt, sitting on stage with her legs crossed and Sarah Palin who told a friend that she was going to put on her push up bra so she could get what she wanted from the City Council. This is the person the shallow lemmings in the media are defending from being called “hot”. Let me know when they get upset over conservatives calling Michele Obama fat or stop talking about Hillary’s hair.

Or wait, as of yesterday, Sarah Palin is officially not a politician, a candidate or even the wife of one. She’s a celebrity. Celebrities are supposed to be hot, so relax media. You can still chase after Sarah, but leave the moral outrage to the shareholders of her next mark.

One day it might dawn on the good old boys that they were had by a woman who conned them with the same sexist misogyny they sell every day. Sarah Palin consistently gets the better of both the men who back her and the press. And she’s not even very bright.

Image: Syrin’s Blog: “The Coldest State With the Hottest Governor”

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